Flashback series – The big day when we met Sabar and Sehaj

It was nothing like a movie scene. My water did not break at an awkward place. I was not rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and I was definitely not screaming on top of my lungs in the delivery room.

I had a scheduled C-section. One baby was in the head down position (cephalic) and the other was diagonal (transverse). There was no way I was going to have a normal delivery. And since they were twins, C-section had less risk. Was I disappointed that I will not have a normal delivery? Yes, maybe a little. Because just like everyone else I had read and heard that normal delivery is better than surgery. It makes sense for a full term single baby with no complications. But my case was different and I knew, I have more chances of having a C-section from the very beginning.

On my last doctor’s appointment, I was so anxious and thrilled at the same time. I made it to the end. YAY! The doctor checked all my vitals and gave us a green signal; we had to choose the date for the C-section. That sounds convenient but it was quite a task. We had to decide any date from the 11th Feb onwards. Well obviously, I choose 11th the sooner the better. But suddenly my mom started calling my aunts and consulting with them. I could hear the conversations revolving around the words like “Mangalwar” (Tuesday), “doopahar”(Afternoon) etc. Well this conversation was expected. A lot of people actually go to priests and take out “mohrats”(auspicious time and date for the birth). I was not very keen on this procedure. Basically 11th Feb was a Tuesday and it is not considered very auspicious. I put my foot down and decided 11th Feb as the final date. But unfortunately we didn’t get the morning slot because it was already full, so I settled for 12th Feb. Extra 24 hours. PHEW! I could do this, I told myself. During the end of pregnancy the last few days are the hardest, the anticipation, the increasing discomfort and the never-ending wait. It’s the combination of everything that can test an expecting mother’s patience.

5 Baby fashion mistakes to avoid for Indian moms!

When a baby is born in an Indian family, there is plenty of love and attention for the baby and mother. But along with that also come many unwanted suggestions and advices. We might not be able to make the right choices with our exhausting new lifestyle and fluctuating hormones, and scum to these easily avoidable baby fashion blunders!

baby fashion mistake image


Monkey caps

No body should have a monkey cap in their wardrobe; it’s a fashion crime. Period. They do serve the purpose of keeping your baby warm but there are plenty of other options, which can serve the same purpose and look chic. Click here to choose some stylish accessories from First cry, mybabycart and Zara kids.


Let’s remind ourselves that they are babies. We should not use kohl or kajal to highlight their eyes. They might get irritated, it can prick them and it is genuinely not very flattering. Recent research has also found that most of the kohl’s contains lead  which is very harmful for babies eyes. Also try to avoid the extra “kala tikka”(Black spot to ward of the evil’s eye) on the face. Instead you can always put it behind the ears.

Trend alert – Keeping the little ones warm

We are gearing up to face the north Indian winters. Have a look at these super cute woolen caps, mittens and snoods. Snoods are great for babies, a better option then a scarf or muffler. It stays on the neck and keeps it cozy and warm. We are also featuring gorgeous cotton and felt caps, they will make any winter outfit pop with the bright colors. Stay tuned for more interesting finds!

Winter caps 1[Patterned hat with pompom details from Zara] [Knitted mittens from Zara]

[Blue and Pink Babyhug  cap from First cry]

My pregnancy survival kit

There are countless things a woman needs in her journey of 9 months of pregnancy. From my newfound experience, I have listed the 10 most essential products which really helped me out. If you are expecting or planning to have a baby soon, check it out!

Pregnancy survival kit

Pregnancy jeans

A comfortable pair of pregnancy jeans can save you from opening your wardrobe and wondering what to wear every morning. I believe pregnancy should not be an excuse to be in your pajamas the whole day (Trust me, that time will come in future) Meanwhile, invest in a good comfortable pair of jeans and show off that beautiful baby bump. I wore Jessica Simpson’s dark blue maternity jeans, which were super flattering and had a very comfortable elastic band. The best thing about maternity jeans is that it also grows with your growing belly and looks stylish forever. I’m yet to find any good pair on Indian e-selling websites, but luckily Motherhood maternity now ships in India. We recommend – Secret fit belly maternity jeans – Motherhood Maternity 

Hot water bottle

It’s a must, especially in the 3rd trimester. Due to the growing baby inside the womb, there is a lot of pressure on the back and hips. A Hot water bottle or bag can give a lot of relief. Since my 3rd trimester fell into the months of winter what can be better then relaxing in your quilt with a hot water bottle and a cup of soup. We recommend – 

Flashback series – Baby shower

Once I was back from America, I really wanted to meet my friends and call them over to Mohali for a fun day before the babies arrived. Everyone suggested a baby shower but I was not sure, since there is no custom of throwing a baby shower in my family. Celebrations begin only once the baby arrives. In India baby shower is also called “Godh Bharai” which means filling the lap. It’s usually a big family affair, which comes with its own rules and regulations.

Eventually after many phone calls and conferences, my friends convinced me to go for it and throw a shower for the twins and me. It seemed like a lot of fun and I was eagerly waiting to meet everyone. Everybody was coming in from different cities and I felt truly blessed to have such amazing people around me. I was super excited! Just before I moved back to India, I made a quick trip to Party city in Atlanta and picked up a few baby shower decorations, just in case I plan to have one. And it definitely came to a good use. In India you can buy great baby shower decorations at Charmed Celebrations. They have a lot of themes for decorations and they ship nationwide.

Supreet [ my bestie :* ]
As the day came closer I realized that I don’t have a dress for the occasion. Eehhhh! I needed to get out of my comfy cotton suits, sweatshirts and cozy woolen socks (the ones which my mom knitted for me almost a decade ago and I still love them) Next day, I gathered all my strength and decided to come back home only once I have the dress in my hand. Luckily it was my day and the moment I walked in Mum & Me, I found my dress. It was a perfect fit. In my opinion maternity clothes are a must for moms to be, you can’t wear your husband’s loose t-shirts and sweaters all the time. And one of the best pieces of garment I invested in was a pair of pregnancy jean. I just loved them, even wore it after the babies were born.( I shall dedicate an entire post to pregnancy jean). Harpriya and Poonam arrived 2 days before the event to organize and prepare everything. We talked and talked just like good old college days and made pink bows for the party favors on the side. On the baby shower day everyone was expected to come by noon and once they started coming in there was a lot of staring, hugging and “I don’t believe you are going to be a mommy” screams. In my friend circle no one has children yet and hardly anyone is married so for them it’s almost surreal.

Trend alert – Dressing up Twins


Dressing up babies is a lot of fun, but doing the same for twins can be a little challenging. Buying the exact same outfits all the time can get monotonous and boring, also it’s more of an identical twins style. Styling fraternal twins with same outfits but in different color can make it look more interesting and bring out their individual personalities. Below are few of my favorite coordinated ensembles for the upcoming winter season. Check out these basic trends, which are always in fashion. Polka dots, stripes & checks.

Image 1

[ Polka dot yellow dress with appliqué from Zara ] [ Polka dot blue dress with appliqué from Zara ] [ Fur Vest from Zara ] [ White Ribbed tights from Zara ] [ Sherpa booties from Gap ] [ Side bow hairband from Little Muffet ]