Summer finds ~ to beat the heat

Summers are here and we have found an absolutely adorable summer collection at Tara baby shop. Crisp white cotton, comfortable front or back openings and delicate hand embroidery. It reminds me of the clothes I use to wear back in the 90’s. Tara baby shop is a Kerala based shop, they specialize in baby wear for almost three decades. Below are some of the best finds on their online shop. Every single piece is handmade and at a very reasonable price. Feast your eyes on gorgeous clothes for tiny people. You can get them here




Park day :)

We went to a lovely park last weekend and we had so much fun playing with the kids. Sabar and Sehaj had their first swing experience and they loved it. It’s the giggles and smiles, which we remember the most. Looking forward to the next park day 🙂



CHECKLIST~ Packing a hospital bag

Post pregnancy survival kit

If you are wondering what to pack for your hospital bag, we are here to help. Hospital bags should be packed and kept ready at 36 weeks in case of an emergency. Apart from the basic essentials like toiletries and clothes which you will be taking along with you, we have complied an ultimate post pregnancy survival kit. While you cuddle with your buddle of joy, these products will help you recover from delivery and make the healing process easier.

9 Life lessons being a mom teaches you.


Multi tasking

There have been times when I am holding one baby on my hip, keeping an eye on the other baby who has already crawled in the dangerous territory of kitchen, giving direction to the Amazon delivery guy on the phone and preparing a bottle of formula all at the same time. Even if you think you are not good at multi tasking trust me once you are a parent, you will master the art of the same.

Doing everything with one hand

From eating food to apply mascara, doing everything with one hand becomes a specialized skill, since you will be holding your baby with the other hand! In my case of twins, I’m always holding either one of them.

Oh Boy !

We came across these super cute onesies for baby boys by SNUGGLES at These classic onesies will surely make a style statement. Made of breathable cotton fabric, classic checks and snap buttons for easy diapering these are ideal for summers. How are you dressing your little man this summer?



Why having twins is a totally different ball game!


If you are expecting twins or are a new parent to the double bonanza, join the club. Being pregnant with twins can take the excitement to a whole new level. There is so much to do, shop and prepare before the arrival of the babies. Here is your quick guide on coping up with twins!

Pregnant with twins

Twin pregnancy is definitely more tiresome then caring a singleton baby. There are chances of experiencing more nausea and morning sickness since you have higher levels of pregnancy hormones and are on a mission of creating two placentas. Getting enough rest is must. During my pregnancy, I had often wondered how women who are expecting were working and running around even in there 3rd trimester! I could barely take a stroll around my neighborhood. So expect more exhausting since your body is already working super hard to create two new lives.