Lounge in style with Babyoye

Babies in rompers are a perfect combination of cute and comfortable. This is probably the only age when kids can pull off an over all printed romper with such awesomeness! And guess what? We have found some super chic pieces to add to your baby’s wardrobe. Check out these cupcake and watermelon printed rompers on Sabar and Sehaj. It’s cotton with comfortable elastic details on the cuffs and ankles, embellished with delicate ribbon bows in respective colors. The best part about these rompers is that they come without the foot and hopefully my girls will not outgrow these in a short period of time. Over all I give it a thumbs up. Shop this look at They have a sale going on and a wide range of baby essentials to offer. Don’t miss it!


The Wonderful Wonderboxx

Sabar is busy playing with the wooden flute

We discovered the Wonderboxx this week. Before I jump into all the details. Let me ask you a question. Does your child get bored of toys? How many times have you bought an expensive toy and saw it lying untouched in the corner of your home the very next day? Well, I have been a victim of that situation. So, I am always looking to find something engaging enough to keep my kids busy and help them explore different senses. Most toys come with only one kind of function and once they discover that, it usually goes in the big pile of toys stacked in the room.

We have a problem on our hands, don’t we? That’s when I discovered the Wonderboxx. It consists of some thoughtfully compiled toys and other engaging activities for hands-on learning and playtime. Every month they release a new box with a different theme to capture our little ones imagination. I ordered the June theme ~ Super sounds for Toddlo (1-3 years). It consists of variety of toys, in total six very different products. Lets talk about them one by one.

Style & Diaper bags ?

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Pottery Barn Diaper Bag
Instagram diaper bag post

Style and Diaper bags might not sound right in the same sentence. When we think of diaper bags, we picture a hybrid of a tote and duffle bag with bright images of cartoons splashed haphazardly on the bag. But do we need to give up on our style just because we are entering the world of mommy hood? Well, I would say absolutely not. This post is everything you need to know about finding the right diaper bag that fits your style and needs.

There are a few things to consider before you splurge on the bag, which you will be using almost everyday for the next super busy years of your life. We suggest to invest in one really good bag that covers all 3 very important points ~