India’s not so “FAIR” obsession and its impact on our children

When my twins were born, our extended family had gathered together for a big celebration. All my younger cousins were playing and having fun, until I spotted my teenage cousin sisters in a heated argument. Before I could even get to them, I could sense the conversation. It’s always about that.

Complexion. Fair and Dark. Beautiful and Ugly. Superior and inferior.

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I felt like I was transported back to my teenage years and the struggle with my peers commenting on my dusky complexion. Immediately, I interrupted the argument and insisted that she should never again pass a nasty comment on my other sister’s complexion. We all are beautiful regardless of the color of our skin. Even though I tried my best to change her perspective, I knew at the bottom of my heart that she will only understand the importance of it when she grows up. And my other sister will probably have to face these comments throughout her school life and hopefully grow into a stronger and beautiful woman.

What NOT TO DO when trying to lose pregnancy weight

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How to get back to pre-pregnancy weight? Eat right, workout, drink lots of water Blah blah! We all have read about it a zillion times, heard from our friends who have snap back into their pre-pregnancy avatar almost instantly. Don’t get me wrong all that is absolutely correct and there is no easier way to do it and no magic pill. But what are we doing wrong as moms, which creates hurdles in our weight loss journey. I am talking specifically about food and how we eat it. These 3 reasons apply to all moms

Eating your baby’s leftovers

I have done it, you have done it and all moms have done it. Small children are still developing their taste buds and we cannot expect them to eat every thing that we serve. Many times the food is half eaten or even untouched. So we just help ourselves and gobble the food down our throat thinking we should not waste food. While doing this good deed we often forget that we are eating when its not needed! Instead keep it aside and eat it when you intent to, or offer it to the pets in house or strays outside.

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CHECKLIST ~ Diaper bag essentials

Diaper bag essentials


Diaper rash cream

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Baby wipes

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We don’t want all the milk or food to spoil our kids pretty clothes. Right? Get these super duper cute milkaholic bibs at Cafepress

Formula container

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What kept me sane in the first year of mommyhood with twins?




We all have heard that life changes after you become parents. And I was well aware of that before my twins arrived. But experiencing it altogether is completely different. Every day is beautiful and challenging, something new to learn and teach. Every time I would accomplish something as a mom, my girls would move on to the next milestone and I would have to figure it out all over again. Motherhood with twins is exhausting and fulfilling in its own way. One might not appreciate its beauty at that time because frankly you would probably turn into a zombie due to lack of sleep for months, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. When my babies slept through the night, the next day was a whole new beginning.

I usually come across a lot of blogs, social media posts and groups where mothers have discussions and take advise from each other when it comes to coping up with day to day challenges. Well I have narrowed down to 3 things that really helped me in my first year of mommy hood.