Top 4 Baby led weaning essentials

I knew my twins were ready to try some real food when both of them sprouted two teeth, started sitting without support and never let go of an opportunity of grabbing some finger food. I am a big supporter of baby led weaning. Baby led weaning is a great way of introducing your baby to the amazing world of food, color, taste, smell and textures. It will engage your little one and make them independent when it comes to making choices.

If you are a first-time parent and do not know which products to buy for starting the journey of weaning. We have summed up the top 4. You don’t need to spend thousand of rupees to unravel the mysteries of baby led weaning. These are some tried and tested products available on the Indian online websites.

Baby led weaning essentials

1.Fisher-Price Quick N Go Booster seat

Definitely one of the best products, I have ever bought! We opted for a booster seat instead of high chair because it can be attached to the dining chairs or kept on the floor. And since most of the restaurants don’t have a high chair we can carry it when we eat out. It makes our life so much easier! The best part is the minimalistic and productive design, which is easy to clean after every meal. It is highly recommended because babies learn to eat while sitting with family instead of running around the house.

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