5 Baby fashion mistakes to avoid for Indian moms!

When a baby is born in an Indian family, there is plenty of love and attention for the baby and mother. But along with that also come many unwanted suggestions and advices. We might not be able to make the right choices with our exhausting new lifestyle and fluctuating hormones, and scum to these easily avoidable baby fashion blunders!

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Monkey caps

No body should have a monkey cap in their wardrobe; it’s a fashion crime. Period. They do serve the purpose of keeping your baby warm but there are plenty of other options, which can serve the same purpose and look chic. Click here to choose some stylish accessories from First cry, mybabycart and Zara kids.


Let’s remind ourselves that they are babies. We should not use kohl or kajal to highlight their eyes. They might get irritated, it can prick them and it is genuinely not very flattering. Recent research has also found that most of the kohl’s contains lead  which is very harmful for babies eyes. Also try to avoid the extra “kala tikka”(Black spot to ward of the evil’s eye) on the face. Instead you can always put it behind the ears.

Too many accessories

Making them wear silver bangles on both the hands, lots of religious threads, silver payal (anklets), earrings etc can make it look over the top. Instead let them flaunt their beautiful toothless smiles, chubby cheeks and sparkling eyes, because it is not going to last very long. Kids grow so quickly! Focus on one kind of accessory, either stick to the bangles or the earring. When they start walking you can make them wear payal (anklet) as well. It looks very cute especially in an Indian wedding or occasion.

Hair clips

Pigtails with multicolored rubber bands adorned with even more colorful hair clips. That is not something we recommend. Remember less is more. Stick to either the pigtails with basic black clips, or just cute hair clips. Hair bands look pretty amazing too. Babies are already so adorable; we just need to put the cherry on the cupcake!

Over embellished clothes

We love cotton, especially for Indian summers, baby soft wool and fleece for the winters. Comfort is the priority, so avoid over embellished clothes, puffy and lacy polyester which can rub against their sensitive skin. You can always experiment with prints and colors.




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