CHECKLIST ~ Diaper bag essentials

Diaper bag essentials


Diaper rash cream

Its a must have at all times, keeps the baby happy and rash free! We love Destine. It never disappoints, find it at Amazon


Always take more then you think you need! Trust me on that. Buy it in bulk at Amazon (Its the cheapest here)

Baby wipes

Keeps the baby and surroundings clean. Buy it in bulk at Amazon (Its the cheapest here)


We don’t want all the milk or food to spoil our kids pretty clothes. Right? Get these super duper cute milkaholic bibs at Cafepress

Formula container

Very convenient and compact, makes your diaper bag more organized. Get it at Amazon

Water thermos

Essential for keeping boiled water for formula feed babies. Get it at Rediff

Feeding bottles

For bottle-feeding babies, always carry bottles even if it’s a short outing, you never know you might just get stuck in traffic. One of my best decisions was to buy Dr.Brown bottles, find it on Amazon

Extra clothing

Very important and often forgotten, babies are prone to spoiling clothes in ways you can not even imagine! Get them at Firstcry or Babyoye


If your baby takes the soother, you can need it anytime & anywhere. Always keep it handy. Get lots of options at Amazon

Sippy cups

Its a must for toddlers. We are a fan of Nuby. Try it at Firstcry

Toddler snacks

Sometimes it’s a lifesaver for me! Keeps the girls occupied and busy. More at Amazon


In case your baby falls asleep in the car or restaurant. Keep your baby warm in comfy knits by Pluchi. Buy it at Firstcry.

Favorite toy

If your baby has a favorite toy take it along or a tantrum is just waiting to happen when you least expect it. Get toys on Firstcry or Babyoye

Hand sanitizer

For hygiene! Choose at Flipkart for options.


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