7 hilarious things toddlers obsess about ~

what do toddlers obsess about?

If your thinking it is one of those cool remote control cars with blaring sound and flashy lights or a huge white fluffy stuff toy which looks like a hybrid of a unicorn and a marshmallow. Then I must say that’s not true. Maybe they will go gaga over it for some time but the very next day it will be forgotten and lying at the corner of the room gathering dust. So what really catches the fancy of a toddler? Here is the unbelievably hilarious list –


Who would have thought? Right! Toddlers love Velcro. It can keep them busy for hours. My girl’s very first sandals had Velcro as straps and that’s where it all started. They are so fascinated by it that they never get bored of playing. The only disadvantage is that they keep opening their sandals when we go out. Bummer!


Even though we have baby proofed the sockets so they don’t put their tiny fingers inside it, there is nothing much we can do about the switches. I believe it’s the fascination of lights and sound, which really keeps them engaged. Their interest started when they turned one and like most phases I thought, “Oh they will get over it”! But the love for switchboards still continues.


Kids love water. Playing with water is the ultimate high for toddlers, it’s quite entertaining to watch them. For example – washing their hands before and after a meal is a huge project. Applying soap, rinsing with water, fidgeting with everything else on the sink, and then repeating the process until they are thoroughly satisfied with the outcome. Which always results in wet T–shirt sleeves!

Rubber bands

If you have baby girls you know exactly what I’m talking about. Every morning after their bath, when I comb their hair and put them neatly in a ponytail, after 10 mins it’s a mess. The rubber bands turn into bracelets and the girls look like they just got out of their bed!

Bubble wraps

I am a huge fan of online shopping. Love the deals and most importantly convenience. I shop for almost all the toys, clothes and baby needs online and when the goodies arrive at our doorstep wrapped in shiny puffy bubble wrap. It’s the wrapping, which gets more attention then the toys. It’s quite hilarious.


If you’re a parent to a toddler, by default your phone must have broken or screen cracked at least once. If not then seriously get in touch with me and tell me your secret! But the good thing is that keeping myself away from my phone disconnects me for a while and takes me back to the time when we were kids and stress-free.

Bollywood item numbers

Have you seen a toddler dance? It’s absolutely hilarious to watch them groove. All the Bollywood item numbers are a big hit with kids. It’s the peppy beats, sparkly colors, and crazy dance on the screen. It completely gets their attention and that’s the best part of my day!


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