9 Life lessons being a mom teaches you.


Multi tasking

There have been times when I am holding one baby on my hip, keeping an eye on the other baby who has already crawled in the dangerous territory of kitchen, giving direction to the Amazon delivery guy on the phone and preparing a bottle of formula all at the same time. Even if you think you are not good at multi tasking trust me once you are a parent, you will master the art of the same.

Doing everything with one hand

From eating food to apply mascara, doing everything with one hand becomes a specialized skill, since you will be holding your baby with the other hand! In my case of twins, I’m always holding either one of them.

Being sleep deprived and still look awesome the next day

Sleep deprivation becomes a part of your lifestyle, and it will only improve as your baby grows. So we also learn to cope up with it especially working mothers who still have to be presentable at work between running errands and taking care of a new-born.

Time management

Time management and being super organized becomes a personal goal, because it makes your life easier. If you manage to finish all your baby related errands on time, it would give you more time to focus on your personal pending work. Yes, I am talking about that hair color touch up and bushy eyebrow threading which you have been pushing at the back of your schedule everyday!

Really enjoying that cup of ginger tea

I love ginger tea, but until now I don’t think I have ever really enjoyed it. After a long day of running behind my babies, who are now walking and are on a mission to explore their surrounding, all I need is some undisrupted time to relax. Nothing tastes better than a big cup of piping hot tea when you’re dead tired and your babies are going to be napping for almost 45 minutes!


One of the most important life lessons being a parent teaches you is patience. Babies cry, wail, throw tantrums, pull your hair and scratch you face. They test your patience everyday and all the time. Coping up with these challenges everyday is a challenge in itself so hang on there, it only gets better.

Savoring the moment

Kids grow up very quickly; in a blink of an eye my babies have started walking and have even added a few words to their vocabulary. Especially in the first year there are many milestones, which they accomplish rather quickly so one must take out time to live in the moment. Forget all your worries and play with your baby, make eye contact, exchange smiles and laughter. And don’t forget to capture all these beautiful moments in your camera.

Being physically and emotionally strong

Being a parent is exhausting, from the moment you give birth you’re on a 24/7 job, which can drain all of your energy. So you must take care of yourself, eat healthy and rest whenever you can. It becomes a part of your life and you learn to cope up fairly well.

Unconditional love

You will be surprised how much you can love another human being. It just cannot be explained! This unconditional love only grows and when you baby starts reciprocating, it feels like heaven! Embrace every moment of it till it lasts.



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