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Have you ever wondered what are the most engaging toys for your toddler? Which shoes would be best for those tiny feet when they take their very first steps? Or is it better to invest in a high chair or a booster seat when your baby shows signs of weaning?Baby destination 2Many times we take advice from our family and friends who have already been through this journey before us. But is it enough? Millennial generation who is starting their parenthood journey dives right into reviews on the web for an instant solution to all their questions. I personally do it all the time. It is convenient and saves so much effort. But is the information always reliable? Not really. I have to compare a specific product on various websites and stumble upon reviews, which are not very specific or useful.

Here is the solution. Say hello to Baby Destination. This Delhi based start-up has a unique amalgamation of social media platform and products, which you would like to buy for your children. Started by a team of three parents Tamanna Dhamija, Rieti Phalpher and Tarun Dhamija who realized today’s new age parents need a platform where they can share their experience and get trusted advice. Once you create an account on Baby Destination, you can discover authentic reviews by parents just like you and their feedback on any specific product. You can discuss which product is most likely to suit your preferences and the ones, which might not be beneficial for your family. Eventually based on your likes and profile, Baby Destination would recommend products on your feed page that would be most relevant for you. Simply browse and you might discover something useful in the near future.

Shopping for infants and toddlers can be overwhelming, especially when we are bombarded with products all the time. For first time parents, it is even more challenging so research and reviews are extremely helpful to get the right product that fits into your budget and serves the purpose. On Baby Destination, you can follow your mom friends or other moms according to your city or your location, share your stories and useful information across the web. And just like that, you will get the answers to your entire baby shopping queries.

What can you do to become a part of the fastest growing community of moms?

Spread the word, more engagement on Baby Destination means more reviews and recommendations. If you have a flare for writing you can share your blog post on their website, which is another way to reach out to many parents and use this social discovery platform to its full potential. Be a part of Mom’s United which an initiative taken by Baby Destination to form a community. Simply email them and show interest by sharing posts or writing blogs. Eventually, you can also curate baby products on your feed page to create interesting outfits and indulge in kid’s fashion. They have monthly gift baskets as rewards for your inputs, totally worth it!

This is an opportunity to build a community, share, and shop on the same platform. So all the parents out here do try it out and browse through Baby Destination for an experience, which is more than just shopping. Cheers!

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