Baby Shower Gift Ideas

One of the most common questions I have been asked is “What gift can I give for a baby shower?” Since I have marked this milestone quite early compared to my peers in the never-ending journey of parenthood. At this point I feel, I have a 3-year degree in parenthood. So here I am sharing some very useful baby and mommy products which saved me in those early motherhood days, and some which I discovered late and wish I knew about it before.

Ergonomic Baby Carriers 

We bought two baby carriers, one from Mothercare and one from Chicco. We thought we were buying the very best for our little girls but unfortunately we were not. Nothing was wrong with the brand or quality but they were not ergonomic. Ergonomic baby carriers distribute the weight of the baby well on parents shoulders and back. Also a correct sitting position for the baby by giving support to the pelvis, hips, back and legs. So both can enjoy the closeness and convenience of babywearing. Below is an illustration for better understanding. In India Anmol baby carriers are doing an amazing job and spreading awareness about the benefits of babywearing. You can find many kinds of slings and carriers. It’s a wonderful and non-conventional gift which will make any new mothers life much easier.

Baby and Mommy gift Cards
This one is a gem because it’s an easy breezy gift option to shop. Baby gift card are great for those who are having their second child because they might have a lot of things already from their first-born leaving them with a choice of what they actually need. You can find one at any baby shop.  Mommy gift card could be a spa appointment which they really need especially in those early weeks of constant breastfeeding and sleep deprivation. She will be very thankful. Trust me on this one!

Swaddling Blanket
Soft knitted or plush fleece blankets are a must for summer (AC) and winter babies. They are useful all year round. Newborns always need to be wrapped for swaddling and making them feel like they are still in the womb. Even though they enter our world with the bang but it is a slow transition from the womb to the world. You can easily find it in baby stores or online or try out this fab collection at Pluchi.

Baby Gym
I had ordered the Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Kick and Crawl Gym which later on can be converted into a tunnel for toddlers and I was not disappointed. It is bright and colorful with 3 hanging toys, which can be separated from the gym as well. Baby gym helps in improving their motor skills and recognition. Find one at Amazon.

Baby Monitor
I never used one because I always had some help around to house to watch the kids at least for the first year. But it would make a wonderful gift for any new parent. It really helps you keep track of your baby if they wake up from their nap and need assistance. There are many available online but check their reviews and decide as most people complain about static noise as a problem. The one above is at Amazon.

Diaper Cake
What do new parents spend the most money on? Shit loads of diapers! If you have a creative edge you can make one yourself with this diaper cake making kit available on Amazon. You can also take some inspiration from Pintrest. The bigger the cake the more love from new parents. But keep in mind to use a variety of diaper sizes or try not to use too many newborn ones because some babies weight more and might not fit into the smallest size.

Baby Rocker
Baby rocker is a wonderful gift. It is one of the safest options as well. I was using the Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends Infant-to-Toddler Rocker which was extremely useful. It kept the kids entertained and it also has a vibrator which helps in soothing the crying baby. Find it here at Amazon.

Newborn Neutral Clothing
Since having a baby in India is always a surprise and you can’t really shop for a son or daughter before they are placed in your arms. Neutral colored newborn clothes are a good option. Stick to whites, pastels, lemon yellows, greens etc. Check out this wonderful set available at Amazon.

Bathing Essentials
Bath set will always be useful and an awesome addition to your baby products. Giving a bath to newborns is a daunting task. They are so small and fragile, I was so nervous during my first time. Along with a tub, you can also gift a sling or a chair in which newborns can be bathed without any difficulties. Below are the links to two perfect examples I found online. Fisher Price Rinse and grow Tub at Amazon and Squiddly Diddly – The Bubbly Baby Bather from R for Rabbit also at Amazon.

I hope I have made your baby shower shopping just a little bit easier.
A big congratulations to new parents to be and make sure they know about our blog. See ya!

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