Bangalore to Zürich

Going to the mall with twins is quite a project so one can only imagine moving to a new country with them is no less than a mission. We decided to take the plunge and move to Zürich as a family and here we are after 10 days settled in our new apartment, getting back to blogging and sharing our experience of raising twins.

Due to professional commitments, Maninder headed off to Zürich a month before us and one of the biggest challenge, which I had been dreading for a long time was going to become a reality very soon. Traveling alone with the kids. In the past, I have always had a companion because babies under 2 years of age do not get their own seat on flights but must be seated on an adult’s lap for the entire time. This time, it was going to be a very different situation.

We booked a direct 8-hour flight from New Delhi to Zürich, which boarded at a little later than midnight. I was prepared! I had extra food, water, clothes and most importantly things to keep them entertained. The girls are 2.5 years old and very well aware of their surrounding. I had been preparing them for days about this trip but at the entrance of the airport, I could sense a deadly mixture of sleepy kid, tantrum and disappointment brewing. My younger one was taken back when her grandmother didn’t accompany us inside the airport and that’s what triggered the series of upcoming events.

Once I got hold of a porter and boarding passes we headed towards the immigration and security. By now my younger one had broken all hell loose and I’m not exaggerating at all when I say that she lay down on the floor. Yes. Floor. I tried everything, which includes publicly bribing her with a chocolate. She accepted it and still refused to leave the floor. We all have come across similar situations in public places and wondered, “Why can’t those parents control their kids” or “That baby is totally out of control”. In that moment I was that parent. Juggling twin toddlers, passports, immigration forms, boarding passes, cabin bag, my backpack, kid’s bag packs and my beloved DSLR camera, somehow we managed to clear security and not leave behind anything. I looked at my boarding passes and I thanked god under my breath when I saw gate No.3.

That’s not far, I consoled myself!

After that everything sailed more or less well, we priority boarded the flight and the kids slept off as soon as they hit their spot. I didn’t manage to catch any sleep because I was always looking out to fix my girls sleeping positions so our co-passengers didn’t get kicked or had any kind of inconvenience. That was a very brief story of parents traveling with kids. Short and precise. The reason I decided to write about the difficult part about traveling with kids is because every single one of us has either already faced this situation or will in future. And that’s Ok. Parents and non-parents should know it, realize it and accept it. So a few days back I read that IndiGo had come up with child-free zone on flights. When I read it, I laughed. Clearly, they need to spend some time with babies because when they cry and wail that noise will penetrate in every nook and corner of a plane. There is no escape. One can plug-in those horrible flimsy earphones and watch a movie. But sleeping soundly is a little far-fetched. So clearly all the adults who have issues should make an insane amount of money and get a private plane. That’s the only solution. There is so much more airlines can do to make their passengers comfortable and they choose to offend parents.

Anyways once we reached Zürich, cleared immigration and got the luggage our super daddy received us at the airport and the gates opened up to crisp cold air.

Hello, Switzerland!

More to come, stay tuned 🙂

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