Battling extreme north Indian winters for new parents

Squishy quilt – Check
Hot water bottle – Check
Big-piping cup of cocoa – Check
Easy right?

winters are coming

Well, not so much when you have babies. Last year the winter season took quite a toll on my energy levels before I knew it, we were caught in a vicious cycle of viral and doctor appointments. That time of the year, I sincerely missed the central heating system and carpet flooring which we had in our apartment back in the US. Winters in India is different in a way that you cannot escape from it even when you are inside your home unless you have decided to stay in your quilt for the day! Honestly I have always loved this season, it has its own charm but winters are no fun when your babies have running nose, cracked cheeks and their laughter converts to a non-stop cough echoing in your home. To save your day, I have listed some tips from my personal experience with tackling extreme North Indian winters, which nobody really talks about.

Embrace coconut oil
North Indian winters are so brutal that even the most moisturizing baby lotions fail to keep infants sensitive skin supple and hydrated. Instead massage your baby with coconut oil after the bath and religiously apply Vaseline on their cheeks and lips to prevent cracks.

Ditch baby wipes
Baby wipes can be the real culprit when it comes to cracked skin. Cold wipes can be harsh on your babies skin. Avoid wipes in winters, instead use a towel dipped in warm water to wipe your babies mouth and hands after each meal, and don’t forget to apply a generous amount of Vaseline after that to lock the moisture. If you just cannot do without wipes then consider investing in wipes warmer which can be purchased on the leading e-commerce sites. Yes, it’s a thing even I had no clue!

Helping them sleep better
One of the biggest challenges of parenthood is to help your baby sleep, all infants fall asleep in the parent’s lap, but the real challenge is to transfer them to their crib or bed. It’s particularly difficult in winters because let’s face it nobody wants to leave the warmth of the lap. The best way to deal with this situation is to place an electric bottle or hot water bottle under the quilt to make it warm before you transfer the baby on the bed. Remove the bottle once the baby is on the bed.

Strategically placing the quilt
Does your toddler wake up in the middle of the night because they find themselves tangled in the blanket? Yes, we have all been there! You can place small pillows on either side and then place the blanket on top of your baby and pillows. That way there will be enough space for your toddler to move around without getting tangled. For your newborn baby, sleep bag or sleep sacks would be the best option. They provide ample warmth and avoid the risk of SIDS.

Layering is the best option
It gets really difficult to judge how to dress your little one when they cannot communicate with you. Layering is the way to go. The clothes closest to a child body should always be cotton, which is never harsh on the skin. On top of that make them wear a warm vest, which will keep them cozy all the time. The basic thumb rule is to add one extra layer of clothing than what you are wearing.

Crawling phase
If your baby is in a crawling phase during winters, it would be challenging to keep their hands and feet warm. We can not stop them from exploring their surroundings instead always make them wear socks and mittens, place some extra carpets, keep a heater in the room, away from their reach to make your room extra cozy. Improvise to help your baby feel more comfortable. I also bought walkers for my girls just so they could spend less time crawling on the cold marble floor.

Buy the right warm clothes
In my small journey of parenthood, I have observed that front open shirts and pullovers work best for babies because it’s easier to put it on and take it off. But when your baby enters the toddler phase, do not buy any jackets with zippers because they can easily remove it, instead get some sweatshirts or pullovers with buttons. It makes parenting a little easier when you do not have to run behind your toddler to make them wear warm clothes.
Happy parenting this winters!

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