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What is the favorite time pass for a preschooler set of twins? Copying each other off course! When Sehaj wants to work on her coloring skills the other one follows and when Sabar asks for water the other one wants it too, in the exact same cup (even if she is not thirsty). We have officially reached the point when we must buy the exact same things for the girls. The real reason why all twins dress like twins is because they want to dress like twins! It could change in future but for a 2-year-old it’s something they swear by. Check out Sabar and Sehaj in copycat twin tees for


BonOrganik brings forward some unique set of emotions and family adventures in their range of clothing. It offers you witty and comfortable range of t-shirts for the whole family including infants. Check out their range of collections for all kinds of relations like twins, brother & sister, brothers, sisters, him & her, father & daughter, father & son, mom & son and mom & daughter. They have everything from t-shirts to dresses, formal shirts to Indian wear and matching night suits to adorable onesies for babies. The quality is worth the price and it makes memories to cherish. You and your family would love it!



So next time when you’re looking to make a statement at the Sunday family brunch, look no further then Explore their website and indulge in some comfy tees for the scorching summers around the corner.

{Copycat Tees –}  {Classic blue jeans – Gift from Grandma } {Shoes –} {Photography – Maninder} {Edits – Damneet }

{Location – Bangalore} 


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