What NOT TO DO when trying to lose pregnancy weight

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How to get back to pre-pregnancy weight? Eat right, workout, drink lots of water Blah blah! We all have read about it a zillion times, heard from our friends who have snap back into their pre-pregnancy avatar almost instantly. Don’t get me wrong all that is absolutely correct and there is no easier way to do it and no magic pill. But what are we doing wrong as moms, which creates hurdles in our weight loss journey. I am talking specifically about food and how we eat it. These 3 reasons apply to all moms

Eating your baby’s leftovers

I have done it, you have done it and all moms have done it. Small children are still developing their taste buds and we cannot expect them to eat every thing that we serve. Many times the food is half eaten or even untouched. So we just help ourselves and gobble the food down our throat thinking we should not waste food. While doing this good deed we often forget that we are eating when its not needed! Instead keep it aside and eat it when you intent to, or offer it to the pets in house or strays outside.

How to get started with a fitness routine after pregnancy + I created 4 moves to make it work


Ok, you just had a baby and your ready to start going to the gym to loose those extra pounds. But before that you must sit down, do some research and plan your post pregnancy workout especially if you had a C-section. Even I was all pepped up and motivated to do the same but you must take adequate rest and still eat well because you are nursing.

If you had a normal delivery you must wait for 6 weeks and start your exercise routine only after you get a green signal from your doctor or midwife. In case of a C-section, since you had a major abdominal surgery you must take ideal rest and gather all your strength and energy before you can even start taking a stroll around the neighborhood. I would ideally suggest 3 months to recover from a C-section. Doctors will ask you to increase your food intake because you will be nursing and you are likely to put on more weight especially with our Indian culture of eating Ghee, Panjiri (blend of whole wheat flour, sugar and dry fruits), and other post pregnancy highly nutritious food. Just remember to eat in moderation; eating too much will only add more weight to your body and will not be very useful for the baby.

How to keep yourself motivated for post pregnancy workout


All right ladies keeping your self motivated to lose weight, can get more challenging then working out itself. And we completely understand that. Post pregnancy you just want to relax and cuddle with your baby and working out is probably the last thing on your mind. But once you are settled in your routine and made a full recovery, we have some tips and tricks to help you start. Gone are the days to find a gym buddy or read a fitness book. We have gathered new ways to stick to the workout routine. So it’s the time to swap your pajamas with your track pants and get your body back!