Where do I shop online?

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Blog turns 1

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It’s NOT OK to touch my child

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India’s not so “FAIR” obsession and its impact on our children

When my twins were born, our extended family had gathered together for a big celebration. All my younger cousins were playing and having fun, until I spotted my teenage cousin sisters in a heated argument. Before I could even get to them, I could sense the conversation. It’s always about that.

Complexion. Fair and Dark. Beautiful and Ugly. Superior and inferior.

hand picture

I felt like I was transported back to my teenage years and the struggle with my peers commenting on my dusky complexion. Immediately, I interrupted the argument and insisted that she should never again pass a nasty comment on my other sister’s complexion. We all are beautiful regardless of the color of our skin. Even though I tried my best to change her perspective, I knew at the bottom of my heart that she will only understand the importance of it when she grows up. And my other sister will probably have to face these comments throughout her school life and hopefully grow into a stronger and beautiful woman.

Is India baby friendly ?

more baby friendly

Lets start with some facts. In India, a child is born every two seconds. By the end of a day approximately 42,434 newborns join the population of our country. While you just read the first line a baby was born and by the time you finish this article there will be 20 more. But unfortunately I must confess as a new mother, our country is not a baby friendly nation. Why? Well we have it all listed below ~

High chairs in restaurants

Feeding a toddler is quite a challenge. Now imagine doing this in public and running behind your baby in a fancy restaurant. Not a very good sight right? India’s metropolitan cities are buzzing with fancy cafes and restaurants but there are very few places, which keep high chairs for kids. Even if they do, its usually one. If this scenario improves, I am sure the restaurants will get some very loyal customers with tiny tots.

Diaper changing stations 

This is a very genuine hygiene concern. There are just not enough diaper changing stations. Usually malls and airports have nursing rooms, but in my opinion every women’s restroom should have a small diaper changing station, which includes shops, restaurants, cafes, movie theaters etc. Life will be so much easier if you don’t have to worry about how to change your baby’s diaper outside your home.