CHECKLIST~ Packing a hospital bag

Post pregnancy survival kit

If you are wondering what to pack for your hospital bag, we are here to help. Hospital bags should be packed and kept ready at 36 weeks in case of an emergency. Apart from the basic essentials like toiletries and clothes which you will be taking along with you, we have complied an ultimate post pregnancy survival kit. While you cuddle with your buddle of joy, these products will help you recover from delivery and make the healing process easier.

Belly support

Post Pregnancy belts are very helpful in regaining your shape. It also helps in protecting your stitches from rubbing against your clothes if you had a C-section. I would definitely recommend this product.There are plenty to choose from in Mothercare and Mom & Me, or you can get it online at

Nursing pillow 

I know a lot of moms who swear by nursing pillows, they are an absolute delight, when you are breastfeeding a newborn baby every 2-3 hours. Nursing with an incorrect posture can cause serve back and neck ache. We recommend Dr.brown’s Gia for comfortable nursing sessions.

Diapers, Nappies and wipes

You must stock up on these, you will be needing plenty. Pampers diapers and Johnson baby wipes work wonders for new born babies, but most doctors recommend cloth nappies for the early days to avoid rashes. We recommend, they have a wide range of cloth nappies. Diapers and wipes can be bought from your local store or

Nipple cream

Breast-feeding can become painful if it is not done correctly. Make sure you take advice from the nurses and the lactation expert. It’s a skill that needs to be perfected especially if you’re a first time mommy. You learn and the baby also learns with you. It’s a very special bond. So you must take care and prevent nipples from cracking and becoming sore. We recommend Lansinoh nipple cream.

Nursing bras

Invest in some very good nursing bra’s, since you will be living in them for a couple of months. Comfort is the key, avoid underwire and too much lace. We recommend, they have a wide range and colors to suit your comfort and style.

Quick dry sheets

Quick dry sheets are great for babies! It has a waterproof and breathable membrane bonded to a plush surface. It absorbs the wetness and keeps the baby dry. Its durable, lightweight and doesn’t produce heat like other plastic sheets. If your baby is going diaper free for a while this product will save you a lot of work. We recommend for quick dry sheets.

Disposable Breast pads

Breast pads are a must for preventing your clothes from soiling every time your nurse your baby. It helps in absorbing extra milk and keeps your clothes dry. We recommend Lansinoh disposable breast pads.

Baby clothes and supplies

Hospital or birthing center will provide you with a list of all the baby essentials you must bring along with you. It would include shirts, caps, mittens, socks, wrapping sheets, blankets etc. Onesies should be avoided until the umbilical cord falls off the belly button of the baby. Instead look for side snap full sleeve shirts, which have mittens on the cuffs. You will be surprised to see how long your baby’s nails are! Mittens will prevent them from accidental scratching their face and will keep them warm. We recommend Gerber T-shirts for its breathable cotton and comfortable fit.

Sanitary towels

Post pregnancy time is a quite uncomfortable and the bleeding lasts for a few days. Be prepared by stocking up on  sanitary towels. Buy it from your local store.

Electric breast pumps

Breast pumps can be life savors for working mothers and mom of multiple babies. Since it is priced at a higher side you can buy this product if you really feel the need for it. But do your research and keep it ready if required. We recommend Medela’s swing maxi double electric breast pump.

We hope this post would be helpful to all the moms to be!


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