Every mom’s vocabulary ~ No & Sharing

If you are a mom of a toddler, you must be saying the word “NO” at least 182 times a day and if you are raising multiples or siblings born close together you must be saying “SHARE” 154 times a day. A little less than NO, but definitely it is the second most used word in a mom’s life of more than one child. So let’s get to the point, does your child share?

Does your child shareOur small but tedious journey of two years, of raising twins we can easily conclude toddlers have absolutely no clue what is sharing and why should they do it? They will fight, snatch and can even harm the other child or adults for that matter. Not to mention throw a fit publically or damage anything in their reach. So how do we inculcate this habit in their minds. It is a tough job. Obviously, you cannot buy everything double for your children, it is a complete waste of money and you won’t even realize when your home will be under the avalanche of toys. We have been through it with some really bulky baby products and toys and it is even more complicated to get rid of those products. You must buy the essentials but toys can easily be shared and should be shared. They teach the basics of socializing and sharing to toddlers who are always on the verge of a tantrum.

So what is the solution? Persistence and Patience. Continue saying the word share 154 times a day or more. It will definitely work, my girls have started understanding the concept and the elder one willingly shares whatever is the prized possession. They take turns to play with one game, toy or just any random household thing. I was quite satisfied with the improvement and the growth until one of our neighborhood toddler boys came over to our home and spotted the toys box. The girls literally ganged up on him and there was a chaos of cries and wails. Not exaggerating at all! It was totally unexpected and threw me under the bus. Once it was all over, I tried to explain to them that sharing has a bigger meaning but I am not sure if they understood that for now. I hope they are learning the basics of sharing and socializing in play group. God bless the kinder garden teachers!

Raising children is no less than a job and raising children with good habits a backbreaking job. Literally. So if you work on your persistence and patience, the apple of your eye will definitely understand SHARING. No one said it is going to be easy but that is the beauty of it.

Happy Parenting!

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    Ha ha, yeah, kids want to do everything we do and most of the time we say ” no don’t touch this, don’t do that or so”. I have 2 kids one is 7 years old girl and one is 3 years old boy. Sharing is a big issue in my home too, first I always said my daughter, beta you are elder one, so give that to your younger brother.

    But one day she said, I just want to be small again, i said you are still my small baby, she said no, i want to become younger then my brother, so I don’t need to give everything to him. Then I realize, the problem was not sharing, problem was why always he plays first with everything, why always i tell her to share not with her brother.

    So now i do that turn by turn, I allow her to play first too and try to make my son understand the same. It was hard first but now I can see he is getting the point.

    Damneet you are right, parenting is an art, we need to seed them with good habits so they grow up to be a generous person.

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