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everyday style fix copyYou’re a new mom and you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror! We know how it happens and why it happens. Without wasting any more time on the things we already know let us focus on the moms today. When I had my twins in my womb my hair was long & super glossy, the skin was radiant, and I ate whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted. It was good! So what happens post pregnancy? There are so many things we do in our everyday lives, they are very basic and somehow it becomes a part of who you are. The way you wear your hair every day, what’s your signature perfume and would you prefer kohl or mascara on your eyes? In motherhood, even the most basic things are somehow not possible to indulge in, this is what you can do to substitute.

Love wearing your hair down?
I have always had long, thick and wavy hair, and I loved wearing them straight until my girls came. It’s not possible to leave your hair loose with an infant around unless you want it to be pulled all the time. Also for breastfeeding moms taming those tresses are a must. So try a sleek ponytail or a topknot to keep those tresses away from the tiny hands. You can always add some highlights or bangs for some spunk! It’s next on my list.

Long nails
I had medium length nails post delivery and when I went to the nursery to check on my babies, the nurse gave me a long lecture on why I must keep them short all the time. She was a little scary. Not kidding. So when you are taking care of an infant you do have to keep them short because babies are super delicate and we can accidentally scratch them. But nobody said anything about color, indulge in your favorite colors or nail art. Yup.

This one was a little difficult for me to give up initially. Rings and statement earring have always been my everyday fashion accessories. Occasionally I would also go for jewellery around my neck. But I had to keep it aside and embrace minimalism. So ladies take out those dainty diamonds studs and keep it classy! My mom was happy that I was not wearing in her words “junk jewellery” anymore!

3 watches tossed around the house and fought over. One by one. Might not be a good idea to wear them until your child is 2-year-old. Keep them safe and locked up especially if it’s the expensive kinds. The best part is we have our smartphones to tell the time and the good old wall clocks.

Another accessory which grabs every toddlers attention. They will come right in front of you, flash the cutest smile on earth and snatch the glasses right out of your face. And you can’t do anything about it. Solution – get them their own. Worked with me.

If you are a new mother and nursing your child. Your baby is used to your smell so keep it simple and don’t apply products with intense fragrance. You baby might not accept it. It’s only until your nursing after that you can get back to light fragrances. Natural soaps keep you feeling refreshed all day long.

Standing 5.9 tall, I have always been spotted in flats, ballerinas or sneakers. But I personally know many ladies who swear by heels in their day-to-day lives. When you are holding an infant, I would recommend swapping those stilettos with flats for a while. If you just can’t do without them, then look into flat forms or wedges.

When you toddler refuses to sit in the stroller and only wants you to carry him/her. It’s highly advisable to invest in a good everyday backpack. Holding a baby and a tote bag can be challenging. If you happen to find a fantastic hybrid of a diaper bag and backpack in Indian please let me know too. That would be an ultimate new mom accessory.

Hope all you moms can relate to this and trust me you don’t have to stay in your jammies all day. Get out there and get some sun ☺

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