Flashback series – Baby shower

Once I was back from America, I really wanted to meet my friends and call them over to Mohali for a fun day before the babies arrived. Everyone suggested a baby shower but I was not sure, since there is no custom of throwing a baby shower in my family. Celebrations begin only once the baby arrives. In India baby shower is also called “Godh Bharai” which means filling the lap. It’s usually a big family affair, which comes with its own rules and regulations.

Eventually after many phone calls and conferences, my friends convinced me to go for it and throw a shower for the twins and me. It seemed like a lot of fun and I was eagerly waiting to meet everyone. Everybody was coming in from different cities and I felt truly blessed to have such amazing people around me. I was super excited! Just before I moved back to India, I made a quick trip to Party city in Atlanta and picked up a few baby shower decorations, just in case I plan to have one. And it definitely came to a good use. In India you can buy great baby shower decorations at Charmed Celebrations. They have a lot of themes for decorations and they ship nationwide.

Supreet [ my bestie :* ]
As the day came closer I realized that I don’t have a dress for the occasion. Eehhhh! I needed to get out of my comfy cotton suits, sweatshirts and cozy woolen socks (the ones which my mom knitted for me almost a decade ago and I still love them) Next day, I gathered all my strength and decided to come back home only once I have the dress in my hand. Luckily it was my day and the moment I walked in Mum & Me, I found my dress. It was a perfect fit. In my opinion maternity clothes are a must for moms to be, you can’t wear your husband’s loose t-shirts and sweaters all the time. And one of the best pieces of garment I invested in was a pair of pregnancy jean. I just loved them, even wore it after the babies were born.( I shall dedicate an entire post to pregnancy jean). Harpriya and Poonam arrived 2 days before the event to organize and prepare everything. We talked and talked just like good old college days and made pink bows for the party favors on the side. On the baby shower day everyone was expected to come by noon and once they started coming in there was a lot of staring, hugging and “I don’t believe you are going to be a mommy” screams. In my friend circle no one has children yet and hardly anyone is married so for them it’s almost surreal.



After lunch we all were catching up, updating each other with our life events, soon everyone jumped into decorating the room with balloons and ribbons. And I took the liberty of sitting and enjoying the process of India’s future designers organizing my baby shower. That sounds incredible! Doesn’t it? Once it was done everything looked beautiful. We cut the cake, had delicious food, and opened the gifts. Every time a tiny version of apparel or accessory comes out of the packaging everybody would say “Aweee” in sync. I was overwhelmed and it was beyond my expectations.



All new parents need “Mummy Daddy loves me t-shirts”.
Party favors

My friends designed and printed the stickers on chocolates and party favors. It looked so cute and gave it a personal touch. The cake was ordered from Nik Bakers Chandigarh. It was absolutely delicious. Initially I wasn’t sure about the combination of strawberry and chocolate but it was great, and it also looks beautiful.



b   1

12   3After all the love it was time for some baby shower games. There were a lot of games but the one that make me laugh like a crazy women even in my 3rd trimester was the “Diaper draping game”. That was something we invented. Since most of the guests were designers and we went to professional college to learn the art of draping, we wanted to put that to a test. All you need is toilet paper, diaper pin and a partner. Draping toilet paper on the body and making it look like a diaper. Sounds easy? Trust me its the opposite. Since the paper kept tearing off everyone had to start from scratch. Just watching everyone fall on the ground laughing made it so memorable. After the games we all did a little bon fire in the garden under the chilled January night. It was a small gathering of close friends and family and the shower was just like how I wanted it to be!  In the end I was grateful to have them around me in this important phase of my life.

Everyone finally went to sleep when the helium dispersed and all the balloons reached the floor.


Did you have a baby shower for your baby? Was it a traditional Godh Bharai or a baby shower? I would love to hear your story and feel free to comment 🙂

Next post will be the BIG DAY when I met Sabar and Sehaj, stay tuned!







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