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One of the most challenging aspects of parenting is “How to keep your kids entertained?” If we have to exclude the modern-day technology, any parent would be scratching their head and wondering how do we do that? I would probably go back to my smart phone and ask the God of Information “Google” the very same question.
Well, let us take a shortcut and check out Flintobox which is an educational fun-filled subscription box for your kids ranging from the age group of 1.5 to 8 years old. Last weekend we tried it out since our twin toddlers really look forward to more engaging activates than just toys. And guess what was the result? A technology free Sunday for the whole family. For everyone who is not a parent yet, trust me it is an achievement in today’s parenting world.



Each month Flintobox comes out with a different theme, which caters to your child’s overall developmental process and helps them learn all kinds of activities. This month our box had an animal theme with six different activates. Each activity comes with a small set of instructions. If you have babies or toddlers they might not do it the right way but it’s a learning process and it does require a little parental help.
This box has different shapes of animal cutouts with velcro stuck at the back. Those cutouts have to be stuck at the respective images and boards. We gave a small demonstration to the twins and they loved removing and sticking it for an endless number of times. One of the activities was on the concept of snakes where the colorful cylindrical pieces had to be put in a string. All the games are easy to understand and are age appropriate.



One of the most engaging activities was the one with colors. The cut outs of animals were provided and different patterns have to be made with bubble wrap gloves. The girls loved it! Once they started they did not want to stop and ended up coloring the whole animal cut out. Nevertheless, they had a lot of fun.






The last one was a pretend play activity in which there is a half crocodile costume which your child is supposed to wear but I ended up wearing it and running behind the girls. Surprisingly they thought mommy looks funny and were rolling on the carpet instead of being one bit scared. Phew… Toddlers!

Do try out Flintobox and its fun-filled games, bond with your kids and get some tech detox once a week! Trust me its good for you and your little ones.

{Activity Box ~ Flintobox} { Photography ~ Maninder} { Edits ~ Damneet}{Twins are wearing ~ Max} { Location ~ Home Sweet Home}

XOXO ~ Stay tuned for more!





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