Getting a scheduled C-section?


This illustration just cracked me up! I couldn’t stop laughing. Well if you are having a C-section there are few things to keep in mind~

Don’t take the guilt trip

No matter what reasons you have for the c-section, either it’s a scheduled c-section or an emergency c-section, every birth is beautiful and memorable. As long as the baby and mother are doing great it really should not matter how the birth happened. Don’t feel judged because there will be instances when people will make you feel like you took the easier route. Trust me it’s not easy to have a major abdominal surgery. So focus on recovery and your beautiful baby.

Pack your make up

Yes! Its important after all you want to take some nice pictures of yourself with the baby. Surgery can be stressful and it can take a toll on you. So remember to pack some lip-gloss and kohl for the very first pictures with your gorgeous little bundle of joy.

Trust your medical team

Before you decide on your doctor and hospital, its very important you do your research and become comfortable with your doctor. Ask as many questions as you want and make sure you are mentally prepared for this big step.

Don’t toss that maternity jean just yet

They will be your best friend for quite some time, especially after you surgery. The elastic on the jean provides ample support to the post pregnancy belly and protects you from any kind of fiction against the stitches. And not to forget it looks ways better then walking out of the hospital in pajamas!

Bring out the chocolate cake!

All right ladies you are going to have a major abdominal surgery. You really need to treat yourself for this upcoming life changing event, not only you will be going though a surgery but also bringing a new life in this world. Take a plunge in your favorite food one last time before the baby arrives in your life.

Don ‘t laugh or sneeze

After the surgery try not to sneeze or laugh, because that is going to put some serious pressure on your abdominal muscles and its going to hurt a lot. This a very legitimate advise because, I sneezed and what followed was not pleasant.

Take help

Once you are in the hospital the nursing staff is extremely helpful and help you get on your feet and ready to go, but once you are back home take all the help you can from your family and friends. It can take almost 3 months to feel absolutely normal after the C-section. So take your time and be patient.


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