How are you celebrating your baby’s first birthday?

Yummy yummy in our tummy

Your baby is going to be one! It’s a huge milestone for the family, an occasion which is not only special but will happen once in your baby’s life. Your little bug will grow up and look at those adorable pictures and you will cherish the memories. But is it necessary to throw a big birthday bash? Or would you rather have a quiet family affair?

Well I would say it’s a personal choice. When Sabar and Sehaj turned 1, I tried to collaborate both. We hosted a  garden party in our home with extended family and close friends. After endless sleepless nights, countless diaper changes, swaddling them to sleep to an extent that I have toned arms like never before. We wanted to pat ourselves on the back and celebrate. I am not just talking about me and my husband, but also our parents, nanny, maids, doctors, relatives and friends for their constant support and help.

So I started working on my babies birthday party and it was one rollercoaster ride. I wanted to hire a party planner but still have my inputs at the event. I wanted something special for the girls. And that’s when I took out my beloved laptop and opened Illustrator. Ideas started flowing in my head and I decided to design some invites for the event and eventually some posters. Yes I was being over ambitious! To make matters worse we were in Chandigarh at that time and we all know how cruel north Indian winters can be. I have always been a fan of the winter season and hated the humid hot summers of India. But the trend changed once I had kids. During that time my babies kept falling sick one after the other, it seemed like a continuous cycle of viral attack in our home, and it did not spare the adults. It was not cool. Despite of all the hurdles we did manage to put together a decent event, which was appreciated by all, and the kids enjoyed as well. We took some pretty pictures of our girls in white knitted dresses by their grandma, feasted on delicious cake and got the blessing and wishes from all the people who matter to us. We made memories. IMG_5368IMG_5424IMG_5378 IMG_5481IMG_5568IMG_5699

Now there are do’s and don’ts, things you need to keep in mind. We have a few suggestion to make this milestone a very happy event~

Manage the nap time and feed

The most important thing to remember is it’s your baby’s birthday party. Your little bundle of joy still naps at least two times a day, can become cranky for reasons you still have not discovered. So the best way to handle it is makes sure your baby naps before the party and is fed well after the nap. Also the time of the party should not coincide with the naptime or else your baby might just end up sleeping for the entire duration of the party.

Ditch the DJ

Seriously 1 year olds will probably not appreciate it. They might swing their body for a while but the distress will start showing on their face very soon. Ditch the loud music and settle for something more soothing to the ears.

Baby play area

If your baby has cousins or friends who are similar in age, you must arrange for a play area. What is better then having playmates, jumping around balloons and eating finger food all day? That is a perfect day for any baby.


We understand you want your baby to stand out and look like a prince/princess on their very first birthday. We would suggest paying special attention to their birthday attire. Usually dresses with lace, frills and polyester can be uncomfortable and cause itchy skin. And dressing up little boys in full bow tie suit can look over the top as well. Stick to simple and elegant, your baby is already so beautiful.

Cake smash

Cake smash is an amazing way to capture your baby ‘s hilarious moves when he/she is at the age of exploring the surroundings. Dress them up and put a small cake in front of them and what may follow might just be the funniest thing you have seen in a long time. You can even do a cake smash photo shoot for birthday invites or keep it private to show your baby when he/she grows up.

Outsource the party

I would definitely suggest outsourcing the party to an event management team. They do a brilliant job with decorations and organizing the party all together. The last thing you want to worry about on your baby’s birthday is why the caterers have not showed up yet. Take a break and have a blast! Your sleepless nights are almost over, as your baby will very soon start sleeping through the night.

Keep the guest list short 

This can be little tricky and we totally understand that. But if you want to enjoy the party, try to keep it to close friends and family. Otherwise most of the time you will be attending your guests and won’t get time to enjoy with your baby. After all this party is all about your little one.

Destination birthday ?

I am seriously considering this for my girls next birthday. Plan a trip with your baby, maybe a resort or a beach. I am sure it will be a delight to the parents and the little one as well.

What do you think? We would love to hear some suggestions and comments on this.

Until then XOXO


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