How to take that perfect picture of your baby?

People often ask me how do I manage to take nice pictures of my twins? So is there a golden rule? Because clicking babies and toddlers is not as easy as it looks. They will not smile for you or pose for you. They are most likely to mess up their hair and run away or grab your camera before you have a chance to capture that moment. You must have seen some breathtaking images of newborn babies and super cute toddlers flashing their pearly whites. But to get that one image the photographer must have taken many before finalizing on that perfect one. If you are lucky you might just get something so much better than what you expected. That’s a plus point of photographing toddlers. They are so unexpected and fun to click. My phone is filled with pictures of my girls. Photos, which I click for my blog and social media. And some prized ones which I keep for my family and me. Each photograph which goes up on the blog, there is so many clicked which do not even come close to being publish. So what the golden rule here?

Click Click and Click.

Sehaj at the beach for the first time 🙂

If I see a good frame I click constantly with minor changes, along with grabbing their attention. If you have a newborn baby, it’s not that difficult since they nap all the time with the most angelic smile on their face. For babies in the crawling phase, natural clicks often work the best with clapping or jumping in front of them to grab some attention. Photographing toddlers get more difficult since they love to snatch phones and cameras. But similar strategy applies here too.
Another great help is to have a helper. Ask your husband/wife to be an assistant. Babies respond to distraction, noise, music, clapping and jumping extremely well. If there is anything that makes your babies burst into laughter definitely try that.

Sehaj at the beach for the first time 🙂

You can even try the sneaky way, I have done that a lot. Every time I see my girls doing something funny and memorable, I scoop out my Iphone and capture that video or take a picture. It especially works very well with toddlers since they are obsessed with snatching your phone and never giving it back. One doesn’t necessarily need to have a DSLR camera to take incredible pictures if you do that’s great but if you don’t a phone camera can also take some incredible shots. Nowadays the phone cameras are so good that some of the images taken by them can easily be passed off as professional pictures. Not to mention so many filters on social media sites and apps can add a new dimension to your photos.

So go ahead and capture all the memories of your little ones, we can do so much more in today’s digital world. I hope my girls can have a better insight into their childhood with all the content on the blog, photographs and videos on my laptop. Yay!

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