Involve your Baby

I particularly decided to blog about this topic because it has made my life so much easier ever since I started incorporating it in my everyday life. Initially, I would give my 100 % attention to the twins all the time by just sitting with them and let all the work get piled up. When they would nap, I’ll scramble to wrap up all the pending work. But ever since I have started involving the girls in what I do it has worked like a charm for all three of us and here is how.

Helping hand – At almost 3 years old, my girls help me with everything. Sometimes they refuse bluntly which is absolutely acceptable but mostly they love to help out. We make sure to keep our home and play area neat and tidy, they help in putting back their toys and books. Folding their clothes and putting their shoes back in the shoe rack. Small and basic things which are age appropriate.

Montessori learning at home – When I involve the girls in my day-to-day activities like cooking, they learn so much from just that. They love to pull up a chair in the kitchen and watch what’s happening at the counter. They learn what is a ginger, what is the color of that produce and how does it taste? All kinds of vegetables and fruits, pulses, poultry, and dairy products. I involve them in the process by giving them some cherry tomatoes to mash with forks or peels of potatoes or onions to cut with cutlery knives. That’s the favorite part!

Using all the energy – Toddlers are a power pack of energy, and keeping them entertained is the biggest task for mothers. When we involve them in any kind of activities they will use that energy in something substantial than wasting it on a tantrum.

The sense of accomplishment – When they help out in whatever little way possible. I always encourage them and show gratitude by saying “Thank you”. They love it! I can see they feel a sense accomplishment that they did something great today and reciprocate the same gratitude towards others.

Bonding session – It’s a great way to talk to your toddlers, we bond over cooking, cleaning the table and windows. Back in Bangalore, they use to help out in our kitchen garden and loved digging their hands in the mud. Waiting for summer in Zürich to start a small balcony garden for my girls. You discover new things with them!

Different activities – Kids get bored with their toys, no matter how many you get them. So for them engaging in different activities on daily basis is the best way to keep them busy and learning. Bake some cupcakes with them, sprinkle some glitter on chart paper (caution: it is one messy craft) and decorate the Christmas tree, December is already here!

Involving your kids in your day-to-day life will certainly lead to lesser tantrums, productive day and better upbringing for your babies. The only downside is that there would be situations when your kid might mess up things because they are still improving their motor skills but it’s a small sacrifice for all the great points mentioned above. Isn’t it ? They will only learn by practising, and there is no better place to practise then home sweet home.

Happy Parenting!

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