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Lets start with some facts. In India, a child is born every two seconds. By the end of a day approximately 42,434 newborns join the population of our country. While you just read the first line a baby was born and by the time you finish this article there will be 20 more. But unfortunately I must confess as a new mother, our country is not a baby friendly nation. Why? Well we have it all listed below ~

High chairs in restaurants

Feeding a toddler is quite a challenge. Now imagine doing this in public and running behind your baby in a fancy restaurant. Not a very good sight right? India’s metropolitan cities are buzzing with fancy cafes and restaurants but there are very few places, which keep high chairs for kids. Even if they do, its usually one. If this scenario improves, I am sure the restaurants will get some very loyal customers with tiny tots.

Diaper changing stations 

This is a very genuine hygiene concern. There are just not enough diaper changing stations. Usually malls and airports have nursing rooms, but in my opinion every women’s restroom should have a small diaper changing station, which includes shops, restaurants, cafes, movie theaters etc. Life will be so much easier if you don’t have to worry about how to change your baby’s diaper outside your home. 

Twin Travel system

Even though there are plenty of strollers available in the market but twin strollers are scarce. And twin travel systems are not available in the market at all. Travel systems consist of a detachable car seat with stroller. It’s an absolute delight especially for the parents of twin babies. Most parents of twins are left with no choice but to arrange for twin strollers from abroad or buy a second hand twin stroller, which was also originally bought from outside India. There are thousands of twins born in India every year but no one to cater to their needs? With fertility treatments on the rise, twins are very common these days but unfortunately something as basic as a good twin stroller is not available in our market.


Breastfeeding is a very natural phenomena. Moving out with a small baby takes a lot of planning and organizing. If your baby is breastfeed, it makes the mothers life so much easier. Infants are feed on demand every 2-3 hours and it can happen anytime anywhere. Lets do our part by not staring and making the mothers feel comfortable while they feed their baby.

Ramps for strollers

It has happened numerous times that I had to lift the stroller at an entrance to a park or a restaurant because they don’t have a ramp. It is extremely inconvenient especially lifting a twin stroller. Now I completely understand the plight of physically challenged in our country. I hope we can improve this situation, it will help a lot of people.

Parks and playgrounds

There are just not enough. Parks provide a great environment for toddlers and babies to explore their surrounding, make friends and have fun. The ones, which are available, are not well maintained. Usually the swings are broken or damaged and there are clusters of uncut grass and shrubs in the public parks.

Walking on the road

Another big concern is that the pedestrian don’t have the right of the way in our country. Crossing the road with a stroller is something I have not done till now and not even considering doing it in future. This can only improve if the people take a step forward and make a difference. So everyone who sits behind the steering wheel lets try to make an effort and give pedestrians the right of the way.

These are some major concerns that bother every mother. If you are in any way connected to the any of the reasons, lets get together and make India a baby friendly nation. Our next generation deserves the best. Don’t they?

Let me know what are your thoughts and if there is anything you want to add to the list please do.



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