Lost My Name ~ Customized books for kids

A book specially made for your child with his/her name printed as part of the story. This is a one of a kind concept for children’s book. Lost my name brings us a wonderful customized storybook with engaging illustrations which will catch any child’s attention. It is a story of a little boy/girl who wakes up in the morning to find his/her name missing and goes on an adventure trip to find it. On the way, he/she meets many magical creatures and animals, who help him/her to find the name. Eventually, he/she is able to collect all the alphabets of the name and put it together. Nicely written.


So how does it work? Visit www.lostmy.name and enter your child’s name and gender on their website. Then you can choose a suitable character, which is most relatable to your child. Once the information uploads, they will preview the book with all the letters from your child’s name. You can make changes and choose different animals according to your preferences and availability. My favorite part is that you can put a personalized message for your child in the beginning of the book to make it even more special. Check out ours in the pictures below.


We think it is a great way to teach your toddlers their name. Sabar and Sehaj loved going through the books, listened intently to the entire story. It makes a great bedtime story with memorable illustration. These books deserve a place on the bookshelf forever!

This is an independent and self-publish project based in the United Kingdom. They ship worldwide. So what are you waiting for? Get yours soon. You can get more information on their website or Facebook page.

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