Making Pregnancy Memorable

Before the grand arrival

Having kids is a life changing event but for a mommy to be it starts when you see two lines on the stick, go through the tremulous first trimester, feel the very first kick in your tummy and end the pregnancy with the miracle in your hands wrapped in the softest fluffiest blanket. Then wonder did I actually make this tiny being, the hands, eyes, hair, and even nails. Today the post is for the parents to be and especially the future dad. Let us make the soon to me mommy just a little bit more comfortable. Today we are talking about fun things to do before you welcome your baby.

Take the gender predictability test  – When I was expecting the very first thing my friend back in Atlanta said: “ You have to take the gender predictability test online”. Yup for fun !! Not that it will actually tell you, it’s just something you do. So I did and ended up doing it several times with boy, girl, boy, boy, girl as answers.( That time we didn’t even know we were having twins) Obviously, it is not accurate at all! But it really makes you think about your baby.

Have a baby shower – It happens once in your life, maybe twice. But the way our generation is advancing most couples are content with one child. So go ahead and tell everyone to throw you a shower or just throw one for yourself. Since it is still a very new concept in India, I also had to convince my family and friends to do the same.

Take a Babymoon – One of the best ways to take some time off from your day-to-day routine and have some “us” time before your tiny human arrives. Take a small trip, just the two of you, make some memories. Totally worth it. Make sure to consult your doctor before your travel plans.

Shop all things cute – It’s the hormones! I blame them. From the first trimester, you will only eye baby clothes and nursery products. It is so much fun to shop for baby stuff. Especially if you are first time parents, there will be things to discover, understand and talk about. It’s an essential phase of understanding parenting. Till today I would launch the Firstcry app before Myntra. It can be addictive too! Beware.

Get tech savvy – Create an FB account or email account. We all are quite tech savvy and I have come across many parents who have created their babies Facebook accounts and email accounts. They tag them and have an online presence from the very beginning. Since I already have a blog, we don’t do anything else. But it is an interesting way to share your photos and your thought if you want to.

Birth announcement – People come up with such innovative ideas these days and its so much fun to watch and say “Aweee”. Think about something which is unique to you and your family. Or else Pinterest is always there.

Make a time-lapse video – Another way to make your pregnancy adorably memorable. This one would be the brain child of your creativity. Explore!

Pregnancy photo shoot – I would highly recommend a shoot. There are so many photographers who excel in wedding shoots. Go ahead and book one for your pregnancy shoot as well. Capture this moment. The only thing I regret is not taking many pictures during my pregnancy.

Eat all the chocolate cake – At last, let us talk about eating. Probably the only time you can eat like crazy. So enjoy that death by chocolate without being stabbed by guilt!

Until next time …. XOXO

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