Mission : Toddler’s Afternoon Nap

Girls, it’s nap time.
Draw the curtains.
Collect the toys.
Lock the doors.
Fetch the water.

Getting my almost 3 years old twin toddler’s to sleep in the afternoon requires some serious strategy. It goes two ways, either they will fall off to sleep in less than 2 minutes, which confirms they had a physically exhausting morning in their playschool or the “Other” way.

The “Other” way is the one, which basically squeezes every ounce of energy and patience out of every mom! Here how it goes, I lie down in the in the middle of the twins and close my eyes pretending to sleep.

Sehaj asks for water. She drinks.
Sabar has to ask to water because Sehaj asked. Copycat. She Drinks.
Sabar wants to hear a story. Alright I narrate “The Hungry Caterpillar”
which has become the family anthem, we all know it by heart.
Story again. Alright, I say it again with the disclaimer that this is the last time.
I bring out my stern mom voice “ Eyes close”
Now Sehaj wants her blanket.
Sabar also wants her blanket.
Then she decides she doesn’t want her blanket, she wants the big blanket. Mom’s blanket. Ok
Then decides she doesn’t want any blanket. YES, that’s right.
Once again mom stern voice “ Close your eyes and sleep”
After 2 minutes Sehaj wants to climb on top of me and sleep.
Sabar also wants the same.
I insist no one gets that both will sleep on the sides.
I realize I am a sandwich now. Cannot move an inch.
After 5 minutes. I hear Sabar counting. One, thuo, thee, fouree, fiyee..
Nice, they are learning in school.
I shut my eyes and pretend to sleep, hoping to catch up on my latest book, which I am trying to read in peace without any interruptions.
After 10 minutes

I open my eyes to check on the girls.
Sabar looks at me and says, “Eyes close mamma eyes close”

An era has come to the end. Now they don’t nap in the afternoons, which leaves me exhausted by the end of the day. Phew! But, I console myself by saying at least they sleep early at night. Bingo!


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