Mom of the month ~ Meet Mrinalini

Mom of Arul Misra,  jiske bina ab ek din nahi guzra. Woh hai meri jaan ka tukra,  jise main always chahti hu ki muskura. Ever since got married I wanted to be a mom but I never knew it was so challenging at the same time rewarding too. Hence, a proud mother of a handful handsome son.



The best part about being a mom ~ The best part is that the best is always yet to come.

The most difficult part about being a mom ~ It’s difficult because it has made me a weaker and a stronger person at the same time. I keep fluctuating in emotions which sometimes confuse me too. I never thought that advertisements could make me cry…….so sensitive!

Your ultimate mommy hack ~ Put it back, pause (no games, no toys, nobody talks to you, help yourself, no friends)

Best mommy tip ~ All mommies know the best for their kids, good or bad is their destiny which I strongly believe in.

Mommy guilt ~ Not having the second child, as people say he/she will be company for my kid. But I’m so full of him so don’t feel the need at all!

What makes you laugh? ~ His laugh

What activities you enjoy with your kids ~ Dancing

Best way to pacify a crying baby ~ Distraction

The last movie you watched in a theater ~ The man who knew infinity

Best baby product every invented ~ Diapers

The ultimate mommy product you can’t live without ~ A bigger size purse

What’s in your diaper bag? ~ Toys, diapers, nappy rash cream, wipes, water, a change of clothes and soft napkins

{ To all the moms reading this – You are doing great }

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