Mom of the month ~ Meet Kiran

I am a mom of 5-year-old identical twin girls who are over energetic & super naughty. “Sing like no one is listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody is watching and live like its heaven on earth” ~ This is what I strongly follow because life is short and one must enjoy it to the fullest. There is one thing in life for which you are never truly prepared, that is TWINS. I definitely wasn’t. But then I thought about the motto of my life and it has been a roller coaster ride since then. I wonder where did the last 5 years disappear? Patience and energy are all I always need!

MOTH kiran doshi (May)


The best part about being a mom ~ When you scold the child for doing something that they should not have done and then the child comes and asks for a “ huggyyyy” it just melts me. All the anger vanishes away within seconds. Their love is just unconditional.

The most difficult part about being a mom ~ The only difficult part in the last 5 years was handling the kids single-handedly most of the year. With hubby working on a job that needs travel very often and me as a mom hates having babysitters or nannies. It was tough to handle them from the age of 2 to 3. When all of us are sick those days are a real struggle.

Your ultimate mommy hack ~ Don’t stress about potty training or sleep training, the kids get the hang of it as they grow old. In my case potty training was super easy and they were out of diapers within a week. The trick ? Teach the first child and the second one follows on his own.

Best mommy tip ~ Give some time to yourself. Even if it means watching TV for 15 minutes in peace. Just do it. Get ready, dress up and go out for a coffee or a movie alone. Yes ALONE. Because you do not want to have another mom cribbing about her child. It is your “ME TIME” enjoy it! I go to movies alone, some people think I am crazy, but I enjoy the peace and the popcorn.

Mommy guilt ~ When I lose my patience and say “Just leave” !

What makes you laugh ~ When we have guests over and they ask who is Kshithika and who is Kshithija, they interchange their names and introduce themselves. And then people actually make them stand next to each other and try to figure out the who is who.

What activities you enjoy with your kids ~ Jumping in muddy puddles, vacations and my little chefs helping me in the kitchen occasionally.

The best way to pacify a crying baby ~ Sugar distracts the child and whispering a prayer in their ears does the trick. It really calms them down.

The last movie you watched in a theater ~ Kapoor and Sons

The best baby product every invented ~ Diapers and Purple Turtle wipes. ( Buy one get one free :P)

The ultimate mommy product you can’t live without ~ Diaper bag
(Thank god I am out of that phase)

What’s in your diaper bag – I used to literally keep everything in the bag. Like diapers, wet wipes, powder, diaper rash cream, water, milk, warm water, milk powder, bottles, a few handy toys.

{ To all the moms reading this – You are doing great }

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