Mom’s day with Joker & Witch

We wanted to do something special for all the wonderful ladies out there. Because when we take a plunge in motherhood which is one of the most engaging journeys of our lives, we often put ourselves in the back seat. But today we are jumping right in front and doing what we love to do! Dress up. Putting together a minimalistic look from Joker & Witch for all the gorgeous new age moms out there. If you have children below the age of 5 years, you can easily support this look without them being totally enamored by the bling. Toddlers love to pull anything that grabs their attention so wearing elaborate jewelry or accessories is quite a challenge. You can easily get away with this subtle, comfortable and delicately stunning styling.

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Joker & Witch is a fab brand new accessory and lifestyle website. They showcase a variety of handbags, watches, and jewelry. You can easily find the latest trendy accessories on their website which will certainly not burn a hole in your pocket. Clean, clutter free website provides a pleasurable shopping experience. And they also have a members reward program to satisfy all your cravings! My top picks would definitely be the hair accessories, ear cuffs, bracelets, big dial watches, bucket bags and backpacks. They have so much more to suit your style and personality so treat yourself this mothers day or treat a mother you know who loves to dress up!


Joker & Witch is gearing up to add sunglasses and footwear to their website. Another reason to start stalking them. Now.

Happy Mother’s day everyone!

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{Leaf Hair Brooch, Braided Watch, Hand Harness & Pin Drop Necklace ~ Joker & Witch}{Pink Long Dress ~ Global Desi}{ Multicolor Strip Dress ~ Mothercare}{Twins Golden Sandals ~ Payless Shoes}

{Photography ~ Maninder}{Edits ~ Damneet}

{Location ~ Indranagar Park, Bangalore}




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