Nutty Numbers ~ September’s Wonderboxx Review


When the doorbell rang, my twins jumped up and ran towards the door. Their eyes lit up when they saw the colorful printed wrapped box. My elder one looked at the shelf, spotted the previous Wonderboxx and knew there is more to come. Before I could do anything the wrapping paper was coming off and both of them were super excited to see all the goodies.

September Toddlo Box for 1-3 years is all about numeracy concepts and patterns. My girls are 19 months old, they have few words in their kitty of vocabulary and are able to understand and recognize the names of everyday things around them. So I thought why not introduce them to the concept of numbers. This month’s box comes with 6 types of activities, let’s break it down and talk about it in detail


Number dice and movement Spin wheel

The spin wheel and dice game keeps the kids and parents super entertained! The concept is doing the activity a number of times which shows on the spin wheel and dice respectively. After a little demonstration, the girls’s managed to do a few claps and jumps, making them giggle with excitement.  It is definitely a fun learning activity.

DIY Bakeshop number banner

This one consists of a paperboard with an image of a cupcake shop, along with a set of cupcake stickers. The idea is to stick the stickers to the board using creativity or numbers. This didn’t really work with the girls because they were more interested in putting the stickers on themselves then the board. But, I am saving a few for future when they better understand the concept.


Mish Mash Numbers spiral book

Originally it’s a book with numbers, but it has more to offer than any regular number’s book. The interesting part is that each page is split into half and the kids are supposed to recognize the numbers and put them together. It seems like a good way to start teaching the shapes of numbers. Numbers are illustrated as cute animals, but it could be a little confusing for toddlers to recognise them, especially who are just starting out.


Big Elephant Number Puzzle

Colorful and big chunks of puzzle pieces makes this activity very appealing to toddlers. They love putting it together and with a little assistance they manage to reach the point where it looks like an elephant or something closer to that. One likes putting it together and the other one likes to pull it apart, it’s a continuous cycle! It also works as a great pretend play when the elephant is ready.



Tactile Circus

Tactile Circus has 3 boards with images and their counterparts in separate cutouts. It really helps the kids to recognize which shape or animal goes on the board. It’s bright with colorful graphic, captures the kid’s attention and uses the power of Velcro. Toddlers love Velcro and they make it their life’s mission to stick it together and take it off. The small pieces of Velcro on the board and their counter parts makes it very engaging. This one is my girl’s favorite!


Stack up storybook

Well, I have a confession to make. Every time we get the box, I really look forward to the board books. Clearly I’m a little obsessed with the fantabulous illustration and short engaging stories. Stack up is a book about a little girl, how she gathers interesting people and creates a master plan to reach the moon. How cool is that? My twins love flipping it again and again and each time they are mesmerized by everything the book has to offer.


Apart from all the awesomeness stuffed in the box for the kids, there is something more called the “Parent Feed”. It’s precise, informative and very well put together newsletter for parents. With the editors note, it also has a section for food of the month and few interesting articles to ponder upon. This month they talk about why we should not label our child, intentionally or unintentionally. How it affects the children and why we must avoid it. Another one is “The Magic of Music”. We all know that music and creativity have a positive impact on children and it also talks about how we as parents can integrate music in our child’s daily routine. I would like to share a beautifully written quote from the article ~

“Music does not dictate and narrates ideas and sentences, music suggests and infers- for every individual music mean something else and it sparks imagination in extraordinary ways”

So what lacks in the box? After exploring the box for a week and observing how my girls engage themselves with all the activities in the box, I concluded maybe it should have more 3-D toys or products to better engage the younger toddlers. Apart from that it’s a great way to introduce your child to numbers and I look forward to the day when my girls start recognizing the numbers in the mish mash book.

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