My pregnancy survival kit

There are countless things a woman needs in her journey of 9 months of pregnancy. From my newfound experience, I have listed the 10 most essential products which really helped me out. If you are expecting or planning to have a baby soon, check it out!

Pregnancy survival kit

Pregnancy jeans

A comfortable pair of pregnancy jeans can save you from opening your wardrobe and wondering what to wear every morning. I believe pregnancy should not be an excuse to be in your pajamas the whole day (Trust me, that time will come in future) Meanwhile, invest in a good comfortable pair of jeans and show off that beautiful baby bump. I wore Jessica Simpson’s dark blue maternity jeans, which were super flattering and had a very comfortable elastic band. The best thing about maternity jeans is that it also grows with your growing belly and looks stylish forever. I’m yet to find any good pair on Indian e-selling websites, but luckily Motherhood maternity now ships in India. We recommend – Secret fit belly maternity jeans – Motherhood Maternity 

Hot water bottle

It’s a must, especially in the 3rd trimester. Due to the growing baby inside the womb, there is a lot of pressure on the back and hips. A Hot water bottle or bag can give a lot of relief. Since my 3rd trimester fell into the months of winter what can be better then relaxing in your quilt with a hot water bottle and a cup of soup. We recommend – 

Multi vitamins

Since my pregnancy started in US, I had already started taking Nature made prenatal multi vitamins with folic acid. Here in India the doctors subscribe different supplements. But make sure to include multi vitamins in your daily diet so the little life growing inside you can get the best start. Also, Indian women are more likely to be anemic compared to other women around the world so include an extra dose of iron. We recommend – Nature Made prenatal multi vitamins – E bay

Belly moisturizer

Investing in a good brand of belly moisturizer should definitely be on your list. Look for cocoa butter as a main ingredient,  it smells divine and subtle while keeping your skin moisturized. Or you can stick to the good old coconut oil, it’s a great way to keep your expanding belly itch free. Even before my pregnancy, I was a big fan of Palmers cocoa butter formula, and they have many pregnancy products that can fit your needs. We recommend – Palmer’s cocoa butter formula Tummy butter – Amazon

Sipper or water bottle

Keeping yourself hydrated through the day especially in your 1st trimester can be challenging. Instead of going back and forth in the kitchen keep a water bottle handy. There will be times you might want to wake up at night to quench your thirst. I always had one of those water tumbler by my side. We recommend – Haers Travel bottle – Fab furnish


Sleeping can become quite a task during pregnancy. I love sleeping on my tummy but during pregnancy, I had to sleep on my side because that is the best position recommended by the doctors. I did get one of those big C – shaped pregnancy pillow but unfortunately I didn’t find it comfortable so I returned it. I know many ladies who have been through pregnancy, swear by it. So it really depends from person to person. Instead I got a long rectangular shaped full body pillow to support my belly and back especially during the 3rd trimester. Find a pillow that makes you comfortable and helps you sleep better. We recommend – Snoogle or Leachco pregnancy pillow – or Coirfit Bodymate full body pillow – Pepper fry

Pregnancy apps

Baby center is one of the best free pregnancy apps that helps you gain knowledge about your growing baby and changing body. All you have to do is put in your due date and it will be your best friend for the rest of your pregnancy. It is a one-stop shop for all your questions and queries. We recommend – Baby center for  iPhone and  for Android 

Pregnancy/ Maternity bras

Pregnancy bras are very crucial during this course of time; don’t wait to buy the maternity bras until the baby arrives. Instead buy them in the 1st trimester, as your size will continuously change, so invest in the basics. Avoid the underwire or over-the-top lacy ones as they can get uncomfortable with the growing size of the breasts. We recommend –  Mothercare – Shoppers stop

Antacid/ Tums

If you are having a difficult 1st trimester, facing constant nausea and acid reflux. Ask your medical provider for an anti acid that can help you feel better. Tums were on my bedside all the time; they come in assorted flavors and added calcium. We recommend – Tums –

Take Care

It is probably the most important and underestimated part of pregnancy. One must learn to take good care of themselves during this time. Eating right, light exercise and ideal rest is important. It can help avoid complications in the later half of the pregnancy. I was addicted to Lush massage bars, they really help with sore muscles and calm your senses. So go ahead and pamper yourself because you are making a whole new human being from scratch, it’s a lot of hard work. Good luck! We recommend – Lush – 365

So what is on your list ??

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    dammy what about exercise??right now i am not pregnant but i just wanted a heads up?? i do a lot of aerobics and running. so i want to know how to be in shape and prepare ahead? can i do it during the first trimester?

    • 2

      Hey ten! Exercise is always good keep that going, it can be done in the first trimester, but you have to let your doctor know. Preparing ahead would involve good diet, exercise and prenatal multivitamins. This posts was mainly about the products that helped me get through it. I should write about things that need to be done before or during pregnancy too 🙂

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