Pumpkin Paradise at Jucker Farm

The fall season is beautiful. Leaves change colour and spill harmoniously on our mother earth like colours on a canvas. Warm strokes fill the skyline and chill in the air prepares us for snuggles and a big hot cup of cocoa. The festive season also begins for almost everyone around the world. It is something most of us look forward to the whole year.

Play Area for Kids

Once we shifted base to Zürich in the middle of Europe, we were very excited to explore activities for kids. One of the most loved and visited farms in Switzerland is the Jucker Farm. Even though it was almost the end of the season we managed to dodge the rain, which only seems to come on the weekend and pay our visit to the farm on the last sunday of the season. It was totally worth it!

Jucker Farm

Just 2 days before Halloween we headed for our first day trip. It was a sunny day and we couldn’t be happier, after days of unexpected rain we were making most of this weekend. We took the train and reached under 15 mins. From the station, we decided to walk for 20 mins following google maps. The life line of every newbie in new country. But what google map does not mention is that the walk is going to be a steep hike. Girls refused to walk so Maninder and I took turns to push the stroller up the hill. Twin stroller with the girls lounging inside was quite a workout for us!

Once we reached on top of the hill and looked inside the stroller, the girls were in the middle of a power nap. Yup. Nevertheless it gave us plenty of time to soak in the beauty and explore the area. When we entered the gates the path was lined with different varieties of pumpkins. They came in all kinds of shapes, colors, and sizes. The main foyer was a pumpkin heaven. There were huge wooden sculptures of horses and carriages covered in pumpkins. Beautiful corners were tastefully decorated. As we walked along the path, different varieties of pumpkins were on sale. It was such a delight just looking at them.

More Pumpkins

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Children along with their parents were learning the art of doing some splendid pumpkin carvings. Smaller children were petting the goat in the farm. There were small bunnies and chicken as well. Stacked hay for older kids to jump and play. Slings and play areas for babies and toddlers. Something for everyone! The edge of the farm overlooks a beautiful lake. One can also take a long walk down the lake which runs along apple farms and other produce. Once the kids woke up they had a nice stroll all around the farm and enjoyed every bit of it.

Up from the power nap !
Windows <3

Suddenly hunger strikes and we decide to hop into the restaurant. Warm, homely and full of flavors. We decided to feed our sweet tooth and got hold of sumptuous pumpkin and raspberry cake.


Once the sun started to fare goodbye it became increasingly cold and we decided to head back home . We quickly grabbed a medium size pumpkin for Sabar and Sehaj’s first pumpkin carving experience at home. The shop also had an insane variety of produce, jam, bread, wine, bakery, a lot of things which honestly I had no idea what they were! But we knew we will pay another visit preferably in summers, spend a day picking strawberries with the girls and learn basic German for better understanding of all the yummy goodies in the shop.

Goodbye for now pretty pumpkins.

You can get more information at their website ~ www.juckerfarm.ch

{ Photography ~ Maninder } {  Written by & Edits ~Damneet }

{Location ~ Jucker Farm, Switzerland }

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