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Style and Diaper bags might not sound right in the same sentence. When we think of diaper bags, we picture a hybrid of a tote and duffle bag with bright images of cartoons splashed haphazardly on the bag. But do we need to give up on our style just because we are entering the world of mommy hood? Well, I would say absolutely not. This post is everything you need to know about finding the right diaper bag that fits your style and needs.

There are a few things to consider before you splurge on the bag, which you will be using almost everyday for the next super busy years of your life. We suggest to invest in one really good bag that covers all 3 very important points ~


A diaper bag must be spacious enough to accommodate everything required for your baby.  Going out with a small infant especially twins is like preparing for a war! One must take all the essentials and if there is something you missed out, you will find yourself in a difficult position. A good diaper bag should have numerous outside pockets, inside pockets, different compartments, place to keep the bottles, diapers, wipes, favorite toys, pacifier, sipper for toddlers, extra clothing and everything else on your long list. Look out for diaper changing pads, most bags comes with it. It can be very handy when there is no restroom or nursing room in site.


When I was expecting, a good diaper bag was on top of my list for shopping. I wanted something that would compliment me and my style. Something which is chic, stylish and can be used even when the girls grow up. Its important to remember that it’s the mom who will be holding that bag most of the time. So invest in a classic! It’s the best advice you can get when you are diaper bag shopping. Black, grey, blue and browns with geometrical or floral prints would compliment most of your wardrobe and keep you looking stylish all year round. Try to avoid the colorful swanky ones with cartoons splatter all over them. They might look super cute and your pregnancy hormones will surely make you melt but do not give in to the temptation.

Superior quality

Let me put it this way – diaper bags are every mom’s lifeline. It’s a compact home away from home and helps your move around hassle free. So it’s very important to invest in a good quality diaper bag, which will last for a few years and serve the purpose well. When your baby arrives, you will have very less time to do to any kind of leisure shopping. So do it once and do it right. Look for comfortable handles and side closure/straps which will enable you to hang the bag on your stroller. It should be sturdy enough to hold all the baby essentials and last for a decent period of time.

If you are looking for some options in India, we have picked some super stylish diaper bags available on So all the new and future moms dig in to some serious style. And if you know anyone who is expecting, this makes a very good baby shower gift for the soon  to be mommy.



B Diaper bag


[Carter’s Novelty Tote Diaper Bag]

[Carter’s Everyday Tote Diaper Bag ~]

[Skip Hop Duo Double Deluxe Diaper Bag Onyx Title ~]

[Carter’s Duffle Diaper Bag Jacquard ~]


A diaper bag


[JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag Stone Arbor ~]

[Skip Hop[Duo Essential Diaper Bag Chevron ~]

[Carter Zip Fashion Diaper Bag ~]

[Carter’s 5 Piece Flower Diaper Bag Set ~]

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