Summer skincare under 10 minutes

Less than 10 minutes every day and a measly half an hour over the weekend is all the time you need to pay some attention to the biggest organ of your body ~ Skin
In this scorching heat, we bring to you easy and effective skincare routine. If you are a super busy mom or just a busy bee, who finds it very difficult to give time to yourself. Try these products and you will be surprised by the fact you don’t really have to visit the parlor or spend a bomb on anti-aging creams. Summer SKINCARE UNDER 5 MINSLa Shield SPF 40 ~ After 28 years of my life, hoping from one sunscreen to another. I have finally found a match. And here is the story behind it. Last summer I looked at the mirror and found some pigmentation on my upper cheek. Yeaks! Hunted an amazing dermatologist and she recommended La shield SPF 40. It has changed my life. Why do I love it? Firstly it doesn’t say the word “Fairness” anywhere. No offense to all the fair ladies out there. But let’s face it, we Indians are brown and the constant effort of the beauty industry to make us Caucasian should literally be banned! This sunscreen does not make me look white or ashy, blends very well into my skin. Does not make me breakout or sweat in the smoldering heat. It’s so light, it’s almost like I’m wearing nothing but it works its magic and keeps my skin tone even and healthy. Isn’t that what we want from our sunscreens? You can easily find this in a chemist shop.

Cetaphil Cleansing lotion for sensitive skin ~ Highly recommended for people who have acne problems. Ever since I have started using it, I can proudly say I have won a decade old battle with acne. Just wash your face every night before you hit the sack and voila! Hello, beautiful skin.

Multani/ Sandalwood Mitti ~ This has been my go to once a week skin care product ever since I was a teenager. Really helps with the acne and takes care of your T- zone like a pro. Add a splash of your favorite rose water for some delicious fragrance and relax on your couch. I am currently using Khadi Sandalwood mitti and Oriflame rose water. When I apply it, we play “ Pretend mommy is monster” game. It’s fun!

Aloe Vera ~ We planted an aloe vera in our garden last year. It has grown beautifully and I believe it’s a must for every garden. The girls and I pluck one stem every 2 weeks, slice it and rub it on our face hands and feet in the summer. It really cools you down, makes your skin hydrated, looking fresh and gorgeous all summer long. Also, will keep your toddler engage for a good hour or so, better than many toys.

Lemon ~ When you use lemon in your kitchen keep the skins aside and rub them on your feet, hands and face. Another great way to naturally bleach your skin and keep it looking beautiful. This one is my mom’s all-time favorite skincare routine.

Hydrating Serum ~ Keep all your creams and lotions aside this summer and get a hydration serum. It keeps your skin super moist without the icky feeling of a sticky cream or lotion. Currently digging the Loreal Hydrafresh serum.

Apple Cider Vinegar ~ This is the latest addition to my skincare regime. I use it to cleanse my face, you can take one tsp vinegar and one tsp water mix it up, dab it in cotton and cleanse your face. It takes care of all the dirt and grim! It works wonder for people who have dandruff and acne too. Here is a video of Ambika Pillai explaining it even better. Do check it out. And if you are not doing it already add some apple cider vinegar in your salad. Makes everything yummy!

Now the most important part ~ Consistency and patience. I am sure you will see results. Try to keep you skin make-up free whenever you can, embrace some natural products in your weekly skin care routine. Apply sunscreen generously 10 minutes before stepping out and reply after every 2 hours. Even after making a conscious effort, if you are still struggling with skin problems you must consult a skin specialist.

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