The highly misunderstood Mother In Law.


It’s unfortunate. Why is mother in law considered downright evil? Is it the saas-bahu sagas, which has brainwashed us into believing the same? Is it our generation who has failed to understand this relationship. Or maybe this relationship is meant to be a rocky road until eternity.

I have personally come across so many incidences where people badmouth their mom- in-law publically, socially and awkwardly on the web too. I am talking about men and women both. Being a part of many mom’s groups on Facebook and other social media channels has certainly enlightened me about parenting tips but also exposed me to women who openly talk about their grudges and ask for advice from strangers. Gone are the days when people would write letters to magazines as anonymous and the world would read about their complicated lives and emotional dramas.

If you Google Mother-in-law, you will come across many articles on “How to deal with your mother in law?” “How to tackle your mother in law?” and “15 worst things your mother in law can do?” As I scrolled down in the news section there it was the icing on the cake “Jury reaches a verdict in mother-in-law murder trial”. Clearly something like this can scare any man or women who is planning to marry in the near future. After losing all the hopes for finding something good about all the mother in laws of the world, I did find an article called “12 Mother-In-Law Day Quotes For Social Media To Thank Your Second Mom”. Only because just a few days back on the 25th October it was Mother-in- Law day. Yes! There is a mother in law day that exists and maybe we all should take some time off from your busy lives to understand a person who plays an important role in our lives.

So is it right to judge a person even before you know her, just because she falls in the category of Mother- in-Law AKA Monster- in- law. Who can forget Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda’s ultimate epic war in the movie Monster-in-law? It was quite funny but definitely exaggerated. In the end maybe what we should keep in mind is that conflicts and frictions happen with all family and friends and why not try to resolve those issues like an adult.

Let’s not forget at the end of the day she a mother too. Give her a chance!

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