The Wonderful Wonderboxx

Sabar is busy playing with the wooden flute

We discovered the Wonderboxx this week. Before I jump into all the details. Let me ask you a question. Does your child get bored of toys? How many times have you bought an expensive toy and saw it lying untouched in the corner of your home the very next day? Well, I have been a victim of that situation. So, I am always looking to find something engaging enough to keep my kids busy and help them explore different senses. Most toys come with only one kind of function and once they discover that, it usually goes in the big pile of toys stacked in the room.

We have a problem on our hands, don’t we? That’s when I discovered the Wonderboxx. It consists of some thoughtfully compiled toys and other engaging activities for hands-on learning and playtime. Every month they release a new box with a different theme to capture our little ones imagination. I ordered the June theme ~ Super sounds for Toddlo (1-3 years). It consists of variety of toys, in total six very different products. Lets talk about them one by one.

Set of 6 shakers ~

That’s the first product I took out of the box because I was sure my girls will love it, and I was not disappointed. It’s a perfect toy for their age (17 months). It’s a set of 6 tins with colorful prints on each one of them. All of them have different kind of pulses inside, which make different sounds. It’s interesting to see how your child reacts to those sounds and they can stack them on top of one another for a quick play.

Stacking the shakers

Paper cups ~

This reminded me of my childhood. After attaching the strings to the paper cups, I tried to demonstrate how it works but I guess my girls are too small for it. They just ended up crushing the cups. So I believe, I will have to wait for a few months for them to understand the concept.

Vocal Flashcards ~

I really liked the flashcards! The graphics are bold, colorful and eye catching. It can be an engaging play with the help of parent’s participation. Even though my girls barely have any words in their vocabulary, but I’m positive they understand most of my instructions. Most recently we have taught them to point out eyes, nose and lips, along with hi-fis, flying kiss, bye and satsrikal (Greetings in Punjabi). The flashcards are being very useful in teaching them different sounds in our human world.

All the goodies


Flute whistle ~

This wins hands down. If you are thinking it’s one of those annoying plastic ones, which makes loud noise. You are absolutely wrong! It’s a beautiful wooden flute whistle, which has a melodious sound. My girls loved it and played with it for 45 mins for the first time. It’s quite a record. Even now when I give it to them they walk around in our home whistling away.

Exploring the musical instrument

All Ear storybook ~

It’s a beautifully illustrated storybook with sturdy pages. It is short and fun to read with your kids. I have been trying to start a bedtime story routine with my girls and I tried it with this book. Even though they have not warmed up to the idea of sitting and listening while admiring the illustrations. I hope it would only improve in the near future.

Music and Art Activity book & Music CD ~

This consists of a music CD, it has a few tracks of classical and traditional music along with some peppy nursery rhymes. When I played the CD, I could see my toddlers were grooving their bodies to the music. At their current age they love dancing to music and it’s the most adorable part of my day. Sabar likes to lay low and swing her arm and Sehaj like to stomp her feet with excitement. They enjoyed listening to music but the activity book is a little beyond their age. It consists of activities to do while listening the music and nursery rhymes, it also consist of stickers for their artwork to be done on the book. Looking forward to using that book few months down the line.

Music CD, Music and Art book and paper cups

Along with all the goodies the Wonderboxx comes with a Parent Newsletter. There is a small article about learning outside the syllabus, editors note, food of the month ~ peanut butter (YUM!) and really easy snack recipes to make with the same. On the last page they have mentioned TED Talk play list for children and parents. Isn’t that cool? I am a big fan of TED talks. Thanks to Wonderboxx for listing all of them for the busy parents.

Busy with all the toys

Being from a design background, I do appreciate their efforts to put together a wonderful concept, which definitely fills the gap in the market. The packaging is awesome, the graphics and designs are eye catching and most importantly team Wonderboxx teaches us an engaging play can be created by something as simple as a paper cup. The only suggestion we have is that they should consider dividing the Toodlo age group into two parts. Since children grow really fast and their needs change drastically. There are a few things in the box, which are not engaging enough for my girls at their current age but will definitely come in handy few months down the line.

Wonderboxx is a great team of professionals like pedagogy experts, product designers, children’s authors, child psychologists and parents. We would like to give it thumbs up from our side and hope to see more interesting boxes in future.

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