What is your preschooler saying?

3 years old is quite an interesting milestone for kids. When preschoolers learn to talk properly, gear up for some very long conversations. Many of them will make you pull your hair out and many will throw you in the midst of a laughter riot, clenching your belly and rolling on the floor. Both are the extreme ends of the pendulum, but you will be surprised how often you reach that situation in your day to day life. Let’s find out how?


Nonstop talking
With twins, we have to make a conscious effort to stop what we are doing, tell one to wait and then listen. Then listen to the other one, connect the dots and try to figure out what is really happening. Most of the time we find ourselves being a referee in the middle of a sibling rivalry. Actually, all the time.

Constant repetitions
Kids need attention and when they don’t get it, they will restore to repeating the same things again and again. Until we have not acknowledged the fact that we have comprehended what they are trying to say. It is a constant repetition for our ears.

Great imitators
Kids memorize rhymes, songs and anything that catches their fancy real quick. So not only its is important to watch your language in front of them, in our parenting opinion, one must talk to them how you would like to be spoken to. They will pick up good linguistic skills and manners by observing the same in people around them.

Bilingual mix-ups
We talk in Punjabi and English most of the time. Bollywood contributes to Hindi in our family life too. With 3 languages, the sentences our twins come up with is downright hilarious. This is the laugh riot we were referring to. We correct it when needed and it really does brighten up any dull moment.

Why, When & How?
Questions, yes it is already happening. They just discovered “Why” and it is quite a challenge to answer that question all the time. Especially when it is asked again and again and again. Still figuring this one out!

Mispronounced words
Ambulance becomes ambupence and doctor become docot. The Punjabi and Hindi mix up vocabulary is much vast. So basically we have invented our own family language which only four of us can understand. Cool!

Insanely cute accent
This is my favorite. I know this adorably cute accent will not last forever. Eventually, they will start talking like adults but let us savor it for as long as we can. And you should too!

Happy Parenting!

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