What kept me sane in the first year of mommyhood with twins?




We all have heard that life changes after you become parents. And I was well aware of that before my twins arrived. But experiencing it altogether is completely different. Every day is beautiful and challenging, something new to learn and teach. Every time I would accomplish something as a mom, my girls would move on to the next milestone and I would have to figure it out all over again. Motherhood with twins is exhausting and fulfilling in its own way. One might not appreciate its beauty at that time because frankly you would probably turn into a zombie due to lack of sleep for months, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. When my babies slept through the night, the next day was a whole new beginning.

I usually come across a lot of blogs, social media posts and groups where mothers have discussions and take advise from each other when it comes to coping up with day to day challenges. Well I have narrowed down to 3 things that really helped me in my first year of mommy hood.


After 3 months of my C-section, when my doctor gave me a green signal that I could start working out, I couldn’t be happier. Not only I was looking forward to fitness but also some time for myself. Next day I took out my running shoes and decided to jog in the park right outside my house. Big mistake!

I just couldn’t do it, my stitches felt weird and body stiff, and I could totally feel my pelvic bones grinding against each other. I stopped at a bench and wondered if I would ever feel like my old self again. I have been an athlete all my life and I loved sports like running, swimming, basketball etc. At this stage in my life, I could barely jog around a small park. Disappointed, I came back home, opened You tube and started watching fitness videos. And that is when I stumbled on Pilates. I found my savior and my guru Cassey Ho. Cassey runs an amazing Pilates blog called Blogilates. It has numerous workout routines, healthy recipes and motivational videos. I started with a beginner’s calendar. It worked wonders for me! With a combination of hard work, diet management and drive to not give in, I reached my goals of pre pregnancy weight within a year. More then anything Pilates helped me take out an hour and focus on my mind and soul.


When my best friend suggested I should start a blog, I didn’t even consider it. I told my self I am not a writer! But after thinking about it I decided to give it a try and make it more visual in terms of graphics and photography. I knew that is something I would definitely enjoy. Finally I could spend some time with my beloved Mac book pro and Adobe Creative suite.   Blogging helped me learn something new by taking my skill set to a new level. I felt like I was still connected to my profession! Every time I come up with an interesting topic to work on it feels great. Learning how to work on WordPress and social media has taught me a lot in my small journey of blogging and I do hope to learn much more.


I came across a hilarious one liner on Instagram ~ “ Coffee – Helping me parent safely ever since the epidural wore off”. The moment I read it I knew it deserves a repost on Instagram. But honestly I am a bigger fan of ginger tea than coffee. To my surprise I was addicted to coffee in the later half of the first year with my twins. Maybe I was making up for not touching coffee during pregnancy and nursing period of my life. One of the most challenging part of raising twins is coping up with sleep deprivation, waking up multiple times at night to cater to their needs can simply exhaust a new mother. Once they start crawling and exploring the surroundings one has to be even more careful and make sure they don’t trip, fall or hurt themselves in any way. So when I got some time off I would drink some coffee, relax on my super comfy nursing couch and admire my sleeping twins.

Now when I look back even though the first year with my twins was crazy and chaotic, it was one of the most memorable years of my life till now and am sure it will hold its place for the rest of my life.

What is your story?

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