What not to buy for your Newborn


what not to buy for your new born baby

There are bazillions things in the market for your newborn baby. It’s quite unbelievable that the little human being in your arms can actually need all that. But this post is all about the things, which are completely useless and definitely not required. Here we go!

Expensive clothes

With a blink of an eye, you newborn will be crawling all over the place and start talking nonstop. There is no need to buy crazy expensive clothes because your baby might just end up wearing it 3 times before he/she outgrows it. Also not to mention a lot of wear and tear will take place when they start crawling and food exploration will lead to stubborn stains, which will never go. NEVER! Consider it your baby’s very first DIY project.

Bath Thermometer

I fell for it! I am going to be completely honest here and confess that I bought a bath thermometer. You are probably petrified that the water might just be too hot or cold for your little one but you can easily test the temperature of the water by splashing it on the inner side of your arm. I never really used mine and trust me it’s completely unnecessary.

Swaddling Blankets

Swaddling blankets are cute, plush and soft, but if you are buying cotton ones those can easily be replaced by simple cotton fabric. I bought a few with a hood for our day outs and the rest were plain cotton with ribbons on the borders, which were made by the local tailors. They work wonders and you can get plenty of them for much less cost.

Clothes without front opening

Newborn babies are delicate when I was changing my baby’s clothes for the first time I was scared. So invest in baby clothes, which are easy to open and close, like shirts with front opening and snap buttons work really well for the first 40 days. Cloth diapers, swaddle clothes, cotton cap, booties and mittens are a must!

Stuff toys

Really not needed at all, in fact, you should keep all stuff toys away from babies as it can cause SIDS. Babies should always be put to sleep on their back with no blanket covering their face, no pillows or stuff toys near them. Once they grow up a little they can cuddle with their teddy bears and sleep.

Baby Shoes

Baby shoes are super adorable! Anyone will look at it and say Awww. But when it comes to functionality, it is really not needed. In fact, it can hinder the growth of your baby’s feet. Keep your baby shoes free until they show some signs of standing or walking, even when your babies’ tries to walk let them walk bare feet in the house to get a better grip.

Bottle drainer

Seriously?!? How about just wash the bottle, sterilize it and let it air dry. Just another fancy equipment to do something, which can be done by doing nothing.

So don’t waste your money on stuff you don’t need, because you will need all that money to buy diapers for a long long time! Hope I have managed to shed some light on completely unnecessary things in the world of parenthood and saved your time, effort and money.

Enjoy your parenting journey!


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