Why having twins is a totally different ball game!


If you are expecting twins or are a new parent to the double bonanza, join the club. Being pregnant with twins can take the excitement to a whole new level. There is so much to do, shop and prepare before the arrival of the babies. Here is your quick guide on coping up with twins!

Pregnant with twins

Twin pregnancy is definitely more tiresome then caring a singleton baby. There are chances of experiencing more nausea and morning sickness since you have higher levels of pregnancy hormones and are on a mission of creating two placentas. Getting enough rest is must. During my pregnancy, I had often wondered how women who are expecting were working and running around even in there 3rd trimester! I could barely take a stroll around my neighborhood. So expect more exhausting since your body is already working super hard to create two new lives.

Be prepared well in advance

Twin pregnancies have more chances of pre term labor. So one must be prepared well in advance to take care of pre mature babies. Have the hospital bag ready, nursery set up, shopping done and buy all your supplies well in advance, because once you get back from the hospital you would rather take a nap when ever you have some free time then catch up on your pending shopping.

Support of family and friends

Grandparents, family and friends, make sure you have all the help you need around you. Taking care of twin babies is a big project so everybody needs to be on their toes, especially if they are pre mature. Pre term babies have to be feed every 2-3 hours, need constant diaper change, pacifying and swaddling. Apart from that there are many chores like babies laundry, sterilizing bottles and boiling water can take up all the hours in the day. Also, the nursing mother needs ideal rest and balanced diet to breastfeed the babies. Maybe its time to let your husband prove his cooking skills in this time of need!

Twin baby supplies

Babies have real needs! Welcome to the world of online shopping and kiddy stores. Online shopping is so helpful for new mothers, since we are already swapped with coping up with our new round the clock hectic schedule. Shopping online in the comfort of your home not only saves time but also energy, you can relax between your babies naptime and get all the stuff you need. Make sure you double up on baby clothes, baby sheets, blankets, burp clothes, bibs, caps, mittens, socks, diapers, feeding bottles, pacifiers, baby bouncers, cribs, car seats, twin stroller etc. The list is really long. Make sure you explore all the options before the arrival of the babies.

Managing your sleep

One would often wonder what is the hardest thing about bringing newborn twins at home? Is it the dealing with dirty diaper? Or trying to swaddle a crying baby to sleep? Honestly neither. It’s being sleep deprived for days, weeks and even months. Eventually it becomes a routine to automatically wake up for 4 am feedings. So managing your sleep is very crucial for your well being as well. Everybody suggests sleep when the baby sleeps but that’s not an option when there are two babies in the house. The best way to catch up on some sleep is by trying to maintain a same routine for both of them, feed them together and put them to sleep at the same time. Eventually once they are a little older you can even put them in different rooms at night so they do not wake up each other.

Looking for attention

In my opinion one baby needs one person, so it’s quite impossible for a mother of twins to deal with some tricky situations. And it’s quite heartbreaking to choose which baby to pick up and pacify if both of them need your attention and start crying. So it’s always good to have your partner around to jump in situations like this and grandparents are like angels who are always ready to help.

Managing your finances

Having twins can take a toll on your finances, especially when you realize most of the money is going into buying diapers. It feels like wrapping your money in baby poop and throwing it in the trash! But at least it doesn’t get my hands dirty 10 times a day. You might be spending double the money on basic essentials but you can save up on many toys, baby gym, rocker, bouncer, since these toys can be shared.

Most importantly just remember to have fun, smile and laugh with them. Savor the moment 🙂



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